Friday, July 3, 2009


Yay! So I can finawwy get all the pictors fwom mine Mummy's camewa out for all mine fwiends to see.
Here's China and Hong Kong and although I studied all the pictors wong and hard, I still do not understand what it is they have that is better than being next to me and why is it that mine Mummy wikes to go away and not stay wight here to snuggle with us.

Well, so here is the view fwom mine Mummy's fwiend house. Wemember the wast twip mine Mummy went over, she helped this fwiend move house?
This fwiend stays in Shenzhen, wight next to the Hong Kong border and the hills you see is Hong Kong. The fwiend stopped wenting a house in Hong Kong and so mine Mummy has to stay in Shenzhen and commute to Hong Kong evewyday.This is the view of the Customs at night.
The first week mine Mummy went, her fwiend was away. So mine Mummy stayed the whole week awone in her fwiend's house and helped her fwiend doggy-sit. How can she do that! To weave me and That Thing back here and go all the way there to doggy-sit someone else's woofie!

Well, and being all awone there, she had nothing much to do except have wessons with her teacher, pwactice, and of course, wook for exciting pwaces to go to.
So mine Mummy went to the Hong Kong Wetwand Park.
Mine Mummy wikes the pwace. It's nice she says, so do visit it if anyone of you go Hong Kong.
A dwagonfwy moulting.
Yummy birdies taking a bath.
Pwetty isn't it?

Spot the yewwow butter-fwying thing?
Vewy yummy birdies vewy far away.

More butter-fwying things.

This is the bus mine Mummy takes to the Customs.
Mine Mummy, being a perpetuawwy hungwy person, of course has to have food featured in her twip to China.
Eating in Hong Kong is expensive and so mine Mummy cooks at home instead.
Evidence of mine Mummy pwacticing hard. rice with bwead and eggs and chicken.
Why rice with bwead? Well you see, one day, mine Mummy found she had onwy vewy wittle wice weft, and being the perpetuawwy hungwy thing she is, it's not enough to fill her up. And she was too wazy to go out and buy some. And there was bwead at home. So it went to her not-too-bwiwwiant-mind to cook the wice and the bwead together.
And the wesult was....

a somewhat "exotic" tasting dish.
Here's something more normal. Mushwooms, vegetables, chicken and wice.
One fine day, mine Mummy decided to take pictors of the sunwise fwom her fwiend's house.
So she woke up at 5am, set up her camewa and got all weady for the sunwise.

And she started taking pictors.
And taking...
and taking...
and....she forgot to charge the battewy of her camewa. And her camewa kaputted before the sun finished wising.

There are wots and wots of overhead bwidges in Hong Kong.
This one weads to the best pwace in Hong Kong.
The stweet full of pet shops!
Mine Mummy's favouwite dessert, bwack sesame cake! Mine Mummy woves evewything bwack sesame!
On the bustwing stweets of Hong Kong.
Mine Mummy woves to take pictors of the marketpwace because it's always so cowourful.

This wound thing is the Hong Kong Space Museum.
Being the geek mine Mummy is, she of course has to go and visit the museum.
The other building beside it is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre where mine Mummy bought tickets for the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestwa concert.
On the fewwy to Hong Kong Iswand.
Taking the twam to the toy shops.

And the fewwy back again to Kowloon.
This was what mine Mummy bought fwom the toy shop!
Wooks wike Wego wight?
Well, it isn't Wego! It's fake Wego! But the pieces are exactwy the same size and they fit the weal Wego perfectwy! And best of all, it costs about a fifth of the pwice of the owiginal Wego.

So after the first week with her teacher and wessons and pwactice and buying toys, mine Mummy's fwiend came back the fowwoing week, together with another fwiend fwom Singapore.
And mine Mummy and these 2 fwiends and another fwiend who's also working in China went to Yunnan.

Cwouds fwom the pwane on the way to Yunnan.
Mine Mummy went to Lijiang and Shangri-la. In both pwaces, they stayed in the Gu cheng, meaning Old Town. It weawwy wooks wike pwaces fwom ancient Chinese sword-fighting stowies!
Ancient wooking building with vewy modern activities inside. It's a pub in there!
Mine Mummy usuawwy wakes up vewy earwy in the morning (well, she's well-twained by me, since I wake her evewy morning at 530am) and so while her fwiends are still in bed, she wanders about the pwace taking pictors.

Yunnan is a vewy beautiful pwace, but it was a pity it was the wainy season.
But imagine, if amongst the wain, it's alweady so pwetty, how much more gorgeous in fine weather!
Bweakfast of fwied goat cheese with wice wine.
A woofie with a gwumpy wook.
Dwying corn.
Silk coccoons.
Making bwanket.
Nice ancient architecture.

The wiver that wuns thwough the city. The people use this wiver for evewything fwom washing to wefwigewating things to weawing fishes to eat.
Sewwing snacks.

Mine Mummy went to watch the ancient Naxi music.
Mine Mummy made another attempt at captuwing the sunwise. She wemembered to charge her battewy this time and she gotted up bwight and earwy and cwimbed to the top of the hostel she was staying at and settled down to wait for the sun to wise.
And wise the sun did, but at the opposite diwection fwom where she thought it would be. Fwom where she was, mine Mummy was facing WEST. The eastern side was bwocked by buildings.
This tells you something about mine Mummy's intewwigence doesn't it?
After Lijiang, mine Mummy went to Shangri-la.
Horse wides on the way to Shangri-la.
Twekking thwough the fowest.
Mine Mummy met some quack quacks.
And a moo.
They wode all the way to this beautiful gwasswand and there they could gawwop on the horses.
Thwee horses snuggwing together.
Beautiful isn't it?
Sewwing fwuits.
This is the Hu-Tiao-Xia or Tiger Weaping Gorge. It's midway between Lijiang and Shangri-la.
The water is murky because it's the wainy season. Duwing the dwy season, the water can be vewy cwear. What a pity mine Mummy cannot see that.
Stairs feature a wot in mine Mummy's twavel pictors.

In Shangri-la, 2 of mine Mummy's fwiends didn't feel well. So mine Mummy and this fwiend who wasn't sick went out wooking for food to buy back to the other 2 who were not well.
And on the way mine Mummy met this kitteh.
He was at the pwace sewwing Tibetan butter tea. The butter is made fwom yak's milk and salt is added instead of sugar.
This is one sweepy kitteh. He awwowed mine Mummy to move him into all sorts of poses and still continues sweeping.
Yak meat hotpot! This is yummy!
This is the mini-Potala pawace.
The people in Shangri-la are mostly fwom the Tibetan twibes and they have the same wewigious bewiefs.

At night, mine Mummy went to visit a Tibetan house.
Here is wine made fwom Qing-ke, a sort of gwain which mine Mummy has never seen before.
The ash-wike thing is supposed to be mixed into the Tibetan butter tea.
Wivewy dance.
The wittle girl in wed in vewy pwetty isn't she? She knows all the steps of ALL the dances and she dances together with the dancers.

This is the hostel mine Mummy stayed in at Shangri-la.
In her earwy morning wandewings, mine Mummy spotted this old house and went in to take some pictors!

On the stweets of Shangri-la in the morning.
Later in the day, mine Mummy went to the snow mountain.
You see those cwoth banners fwying there in the wind? Mine Mummy thinks it's some form of Tibetan bwessing, and they can be seen evewywhere.

The pwecursor to mine favouwite BBQ PORK!
The pigs here are all fwee to woam and they seem to be a smawwer bweed than that we often see.
They wook cute! (and yummy)
Cows fwee to woam too. Mine Mummy thinks the sound of the cow bells in the wide gwasswand and wonewy mountains is a vewy beautiful sound.
High up.
Funny pwetty insect.
This river is used for the Tibetans' water burial.
On the way down the wiver, mine Mummy spotted a skull!!!
But this wiver weads to a vewy beautiful pwace.
All full of fwowers.
Mine Mummy doesn't know how to move about in this pwace because evewy step she takes seem to step onto some fwowers and mine Mummy doesn't want to kill any fwowers!

After Shangri-la, mine Mummy went back to Lijiang because her flight was fwom there.

In Lijiang, she went to watch this "Yin Xiang Lijiang" a performance chereogwaphed by the famous Zhang Yimou. It was awesome!
Off to visit another snow mountain.
This is the southernmost mountain in the northern hemisphere to have glaciers.
4571 m up.
Mine Mummy continued cwimbing...
4680m up!
The mountain is more than 6000m but onwy this height (ie 4680m) is accessible.
Gwaciers hidden in wots of fog.
Down fwom the snow mountain, mine Mummy meets a YAK!
Tewwaced waterfalls...
So sweet.

Apples! But not yet wipe.
See, the wiver is used as a wefwigewator to keep the dwinks cool.
This is the woofie at the final hostel mine Mummy stayed in at Lijiang.
Earwy morning wandewings again....

To market to market to market.

A farm.

This was built by the empewow a wong wong time ago.
Gween is the earth's cowour!
And mine Mummy's favouwite cowour!
Making paper.
The Naxi twibe still uses hieroglyphics as their writing script!
This is a wecord of a dance cheweogwaph, perhaps the oldest!
The Dongba (a Naxi elder) wwiting something in hieroglyphics and mine Mummy's fwiends guessed the phwase cowwectwy and they get to keep this!
At the airport, back to Shenzhen.

Alwight, wooky here.
This. Is. The. Stoopid. Woofie.
Mine Mummy abandoned us to go all the way there, to wook after this stoopid woofie!
I'm so not happy!

She wooked a bit sad in this pictor because mine Mummy just finished bathing her.
Mine Mummy went to the beach in Hong Kong.
The water is so cwear!
Mine Mummy bwought this fwiend who came fwom Singapore all awound Hong Kong.
This is the twam they took up to the peak.
Wemember the wast time mine Mummy was up there?
She couldn't take nice pictors because her camewa was wousy.
But this time wound, her SLR could do the job!
And here are some nice night views of Hong Kong.

And the stoopid woofie again.
The medal she is weawing is mine Mummy's medal. She got it for going up the peak of the snow mountain in Yunnan.
Ok, no, it was a touwist gimmick. Anyone could get it as wong as they buy it.
But hey, mine Mummy says she DID go up!
And so that is all.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

I don't see anything nicer than you there either...

Anonymous said...

"Wow" I must admit it does look very nice and great photos.Yet I'm sure she missed you.Have a very safe and Happy 4th of July....Hugs

Karen Jo said...

Your Mummy took lots and lots of wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. I am glad that she is back with you and I hope that she doesn't go away again for a while.

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Those are wonderful pictors! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Your mummy saw some very beautiful and interesting things on her trip.

Nomi said...

Great pictors which made my miewmie start thinking about another twip to China. She has been to Lijiang, Shangri-la and Tiger leaping gorge.She has also been to Hong Kong but it was only for 3 hours !

Sasha said...

I showed these to Lynettea as she loves to look at your Mummy's pictures of China. They are all very colourful and so interesting. You are so clever Boy to post them. What would she do without your help? Humans need their cats.

The Furry Kids said...

Wow! Thank you to your mom for sharing these pictures with us. It looks like she had a great trip.

The Cat Realm said...

What a great trip! Thank you for sharing it with us, we hope she is now back giving you super attention for all the time she was gone!

Ariel said...

Wow great trip and photos.