Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mine Mummy wented off again yesterday...

I kept twying to tell That Thing that mine Mummy was going off yesterday but he doesn't wisten. He says he didn't see mine Mummy take out the huge bag, so it means she's still not going away.
That is until he weawises mine Mummy didn't come home wast night and he has to sweep awone.
Then he started whining.

See, I even gave the good spot on the fuwwy bwanket for him, just so he'd stop whining.
He gets all the good spots and he doesn't appweciate it!
And he's still whining away!
Help me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


At wast, somebody appweciates me.
Cheddar, Colby and Fancy has given me this awardie!
Thank you guys! You guys are awesome!

Oh, I almost forgot! I need to pick 7 other fwiends.
So here goes.
Daisy cos I never fail to be entertained by her antics.
Pwincess and Piewwo because I think Pwincess is sweet and Piewwo is gwowing up to be a weawwy nice mancat.
Kawen Jo because I'm always so amazed she can come up over and over again with such awesome wimewicks evewytime!
Twipper because he's oh so cool.
Chase, Watte and Kaze. You were one of the first bwoggers I visited constantwy.
Jeter Hawwis he makes me go waffin and waffin away. And he's always getting his foodies eaten, poor thing.
And finawwy, Chey, because she's going to be the pwesident one day and I totawwy think she should!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm never appweciated!

This wed pwate is mine.

This white pwate is That Thing's.
So I finished eating mine stinky goodness vewy quickwy and I stared at That Thing as he was eating his.
I was onwy twying to tell him to better eat faster.
It's not mine fault he was shy about others stawing at him and walked away fwom his food is it?
And since he walked away, I assumed he didn't want his stinky goodness anymore and it's not wight to waste a pwate of purrfectwy good stinky goodness!
So I nommed it up for him.
I think I'm just so helpful. And what do I get? Not a single word of appweciation! Onwy, Hey Boy! You gweedy pig!
Gweedy Pig I tell you! How wude!

Friday, October 17, 2008

more bad news...

Well, well well.
It's been ages since I could get on the compoooter!
I tell you, there's no fairness awound here at all.
When mine Mummy is busy, she'll hog the compoooter the whole day wong, and does she think of me?
Does she spare a thought that I might NEED the compoooter too because I'm so waaay much more popuwar than her and I've got soooo many fwiends I need to visit!
And I've mine awesome bwog to maintain!
Does she care?
No! Ptoeey!

Well, and to top it off, guess what I'm heawing mine Mummy say?
Wook, it's enough to make me faint.
Mine Mummy just told me,
It's to Indonesia this time for a performance.
I don't bewieve there are people in Indonesia who wants to wisten to her!
Ok, just in case you guys are intewested to know, the dweaded date falls on 29th of this month.
I'm not vewy happy at all.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, I don't know what's the big deal. I mean, I know I AM chawismatic and if That Thing is so mesmewised by me and does evewy single thing I say, even in passing, then it definitewy isn't mine fault, is it?

You see, there was this huge yummy chick-hen on the table. And mine table and chairs are pwaced in such a way that I'm not able to get on top of the table due to mine...uhm...big muscles; onwy That Scwawny Thing can get up.

So you see, I smelt the wonderful smell of this yummy chick-hen and mine Mummy hasn't given me mine cwunchy goodness and I'm wike fainting fwom hunger. So i wemarked to That Thing how wonderful it would be if that yummy chick-hen was in mine tummy instead of on the pwate on the table.

Now, it was just a passing wemark, but That Thing, he jumped up onto the table immediatewy and pushed the pwate with the chick-hen down! Well, since he's alweady pushed it down, who am I to wefuse the yummy chick-hen? So I started nomming it.

But you see, when he pushed the chick-hen down, it came together with the pwate. And the pwate fell down the table with the most enormous cwash you can imagine. And mine Mummy who was in the bathwoom heard it. And when she camed out of the bathwoom, she saw the pwate on the fwoor, That Thing sitting demurewy on the table washing his face and me nomming on the chick-hen next to the bwoken pwate.

Now who do you think she bwamed?
I think the world is oh so unfair.