Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can't wait for Sunday....

That's it. Mine Mummy is off again earwy this morning and That Thing hasn't eaten his bweakfast, nor his wunch, nor his dinner yet. Sigh, why can't I have a wittle bwother who is a stwong mature MANcat wike me?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Off to Indonesia...

Sigh....mine Mummy is weawwy weawwy going away on 30 Apwil.
I twied mine most powerful magik, but I think mine powerfuwwest magik is still not enough to make her not go off.
Thank goodness it's onwy fwom thursday to sunday and I do not have to be awone with That-whiny-stinkybag-Thing for too wong.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

being a good bwother...

Maybe, just maybe, I might wet That Thing snuggle with me when he naps today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Honest Scwap Award...

Dear Jan tagged me for this awardie wike a squiwwion years ago but pardon me because That Thing has been giving me no peace that I cwean forgotten about it. ButI finawwy wemembered all about it now!
This is the Honest Scwap Award and I have to wist 10 honest things about mineself.Oh, before I start wisting, this is a pictor of mine awesome paw which mine Mummy took with her extension tubes thingey. Those tubes make the wens of the camewa further away or something, making a normal wens act wike a macro wens. So here are some cwoseups of mine handsome furs.

Ok, enough for the digwession.
10 honest things about mineself.

  1. I am the handsomest mancat awound.
  2. I am a genius.
  3. I woves mine Mummy.
  4. I hate stwangers and I am vewy genewous with mine hisses.
  5. I have vewy nice sharp cwaws but I never ever use mine cwaws in a fight. Mine Mummy says it's not gentleMANcatwy.
  6. I bite though, when I am vewy excited duwing pwaying. I adopted mine Mummy when I was vewy small and still not totawwy on sowid food. Mine bite then was not hard at all and mine Mummy awwowed me to bite her when we were pwaying. Then I gwew into a handsome stwong mancat, but I often forget mine bites have also gwown into stwong mancat bites. I seldom bite now, but once in a while, I forget.
  7. I talk to mine Mummy, a lot.
  8. I diswike cockwoaches and will never ever catch them. When I spot one awound the house, I will scweam for mine Mummy, and although she's hates cockwoaches too, she has to find a way to get wid of it because I will never go near it.
  9. I woves BBQ pork! I woves woves woves BBQ pork! Did I say? I WOVES BBQ PORK!

  10. And I sort of wike That Thing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's mine butt!!!

Help me!That Thing suddenwy has this idea that he doesn't feel secure enough and is scared to sweep awone.
And when he sweeps, he has to be touching me before he can fall asweep.
Wooky at his icky wittle foot touching mine handsome butt!!!!

Sigh....the trials of a handsome, genius, gentleMANcat shall never end...