Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a wuss That Thing is!

That Thing...is scared of wittle girl kitties!

Monday, May 19, 2008

fwying oven...

Wooky at this! Mine Mummy is thinking of buying one of these toys!!!

Pssst...do you think....when mine Mummy is not at home, I can tie That Thing up on the hewicopter and fwy him out of the window?
The wemote contwol doesn't wook too difficult for a genius wike me.

Hmm....I wonder if it can take That Thing's weight.
I hope mine Mummy buys a more powerful one.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've been a weal nice bwother!

Mine Mummy always tells me, you've got to be good bwothers with That Thing (onwy when mine Mummy says it, she calls That Thing Oven).
And I think being good bwothers with someone means not tewwing tales of them because if you tell tales, your bwother is going to get punished.
So here am me, doing what mine Mummy says.
I'm being a good bwother with That Thing.

You see there, it's a cup of milk mine Mummy pours for herself.
She knows that when she tells me not to touch it, I will not touch it.
But That Thing, he will never wearn.
See him dwinking for all he's worth!
But see, I'm such a good bwother, I never tell on him.
I see him dwinking it and I know if I utter a single meow and mine Mummy finds out, he's going to be in weal deep twouble!

I AM a nice bwother aren't I?

Anyway, after that, mine Mummy came and finished the cup of milk and then she walked off mumbwing to herself, "I wonder why there's onwy half a cup of milk? I thought I poured myself a whole cup?"

Monday, May 12, 2008

That Thing deserves to be whapped...

See how tiresome That Thing is! I can't even wash mine face in peace!

So you can't bwame me for giving him some whaps.
He deserves it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Google, I do not wike you!

This is totawwy no fun at all!
Just when mine Mummy doesn't stop me fwom getting onto the innernets, Google has to do this to me!
I cannot see any of mine fwiend's bwogs at all!!!!!
Wet me warn you Google, you're weawwy getting on mine nerves and I'm going to give you the biteys if you cawwy on wike that!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

About me meme....

So, mine Mummy is much better now and we can finawwy get on the innernets now.
See how tiwing it is to administer heawing wicks!
I dare anyone to disturb mine nap now!Oh! But mine fwiend, a Cecil Cougar has tagged me for a meme so I think I shall do the meme before I continue mine nap because if a Cecil Cougar wants a genius to do a meme, then a genius must do a meme!

The wules are as follows:

The wules of the game get posted at the beginning.

Each pwayer answers the questions about themselves.
At the end of the post,the pwayer tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their bwogs and weaves a comment, wetting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to wead your bwog.

Wet the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

1.What was I doing 10 years ago? - Being a pwofessional spoilt kitty by mine Mummy's side, the same job that I'm holding now.

2.What are the 5 things on my to do wist for today -

  1. Eat mine stinky goodness and cwunchy goodness (check)
  2. Eat That Thing's stinky goodness and cwunchy goodness (onwy managed the stinky goodness because That Thing gobbled up his cwunchy goodness too quickwy. What a gwutton he is!)
  3. Wook cute so I gets BBQ pork (check)
  4. Whap That Thing's head (check - this is the easiest thing on the wist since That Thing is pwacticawwy begging me to whap his head evewyday!)
  5. Nap on mine Mummy's wap. (unchecked - I'm still waiting for mine turn on mine Mummy's wap! That Thing is not vewy good at taking turns!)
Alwight, wooks wike today is quite a fulfiwwing day with the exception of the wast thing on mine wist.

3. Snacks I enjoy
- BBQ pork, BBQ pork, did I say BBQ pork?

4. Things I would do if I were a biwwionaire
- convert the biwwion gween papers into stinky and cwunchy goodness and give them to all the kitties in the whole wide world so no one will go hungwy, ever!
And maybe if mine Mummy is especiawwy nice to me, I
might consider giving her ONE gween paper.

5. Thwee of my bad habits
- What? Who are you talking about? Bad habits? Me?????
Sewiouswy! Some people don't know wespect at all!

6. Five places I have wived
(since I haven't wived in five pwaces before, I shall incwude pwaces with I will wive in the future!)-
  1. With mine weal fur Mummy though I weawwy cannot wemember her anymore because I weft her for mine Mummy when I was just a month old.
  2. With mine Mummy in the first house.
  3. With mine Mummy when we move together to this house now.
  4. With mine Mummy if for some weason or other she is going to move house again, but onwy with mine Mummy, because she is mine FOREVER Mummy!
  5. And at the Wainbow Bwidge one day in the future where I will meet all mine kitty fwiends and there will be non stop party and BBQ pork paving the gwound and nip and Temptations fwying in the air.
7. Five jobs I have had -
  1. Pwofessional Spoilt Kitty
  2. Pwofessional BBQ pork connoisseur
  3. Heawing wicks administwator
  4. Thing-whapper
  5. Mummy caretaker (you don't know....mine Mummy weawwy needs someone genius to take care of her or I tell you, she cannot do anything!)
I would like to tag:
  1. Pwincess,
  2. Tawa,
  3. Awiel, and
  4. Jeter Hawwis!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Mine Mummy isn't feewing too gweat today and as soon as she came home, she bundled herself in bed and didn't awwow us even to switch on the compooooter because she says the wight fwom the compoooter is too gwawing and disturbs her.
You know what, all that is weft of mine Mummy's voice is a teeny weeny squeak and she says her thwoat feels wike someone sandpapered it up and down.

So I had to weawwy sneak to get this post up and I think I shall not be able to visit anyone for a while. What a spoilsport mine Mummy is!

Oh well, I think it's time again to administer mine wonderful heawing wicks. It weawwy isn't easy being me!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun-dwaiser - Knock-knock

Camie's kitties has come up has come up with a weawwy cool idea on waising some fun-ds for Mu-shue, Wiwwy-Wu and Iwis.
You see, for evewy knock-knock joke we come up with, they're going to donate $0.50 for Mu-shue, Wiwwy-Wu and Iwis!
I do hope this green papers donated can help them a wittle! It is definitewy not nice to have the apartment you're wiving in burnt, and so many twoubles that comes awong with it!

Ok, so here mine knock-knock joke, stawwing handsome me and That icky Thing.

That Thing: Knock knock.

Handsome me: Who's there?

That Thing: Beet...

Handsome me: Beat who?

That Thing: Beat me up, beat me up! Give me lots of whaps on the head! I like whaps on the head!

See, I'm not joking when I said that That Thing has sewious psychowogical pwobwems. He weawwy enjoys getting whaps on the head!