Friday, August 31, 2007

I don't know if anyone wemembers this, but I do wemember Daisy had one.
It is the......


Mine mummy gotted one today and she said she's going to wet me have some pets of mine own!
Yay! Sea monkeys!

I've got to put the water puwifier thing in for 24 hours and tomowwow, I'm going to start hatching the eggs!
This is so exciting!

I wonder if the monkeys have wong tails and cwimb twees. And, do they eat bananas?

A candle wighted in wemembwance of all the wonderful kitties who have come before.
Each and evewyone of them came and weft their tiny pawpwints in someone's heart.
Each and evewyone of them have such beautiful stowies to tell.
Wet's all take this time to wemember them and purr for them to have a gweat time over at the other side of the Bwidge.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Days after the heat twacked mine Mummy down fwom China and attempted to bake us, it's been starting to wain wike nobody's business!
I even overheard on the news that yesterday's wain was as much as a normal entire month's wain added together!
Well, I don't mind the wain so much even though I do not particuwarwy enjoy the huge booming noise that comes awong.
But yesterday, mine Mummy weft the house in the morning. And mine Mummy wikes to keep the windows open because she says it's better to get fwesh air. Well personawwy, I didn't feel wike the air is past its expiwy date, but, well, mine Mummy insists.
And mine witterbox is pwaced just underneath a window.
And the window was open while mine Mummy went out.
And it wained and it wained and it wained the entire day.
And of course, the wain was so wude, it came in thwough the window even though I never invited it.

Wet me tell you, a WET witterbox is no fun!
A fwooding witterbox is even wess fun!
I mean, have you guys ever seen the kitty witter fwoat and swirl awound the witterbox?

Mine Mummy should be thankful I just pooped in the morning. Because I think pieces of poop fwoating about would be even wess fun.

I was the Tuxedo Gang Hideout's Member of the Day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I think I gotted this week's photo hunters theme just wight.
Mine Mummy wesuscitated the compooooter!

She finawwy sat herself down and sorted out the compoooter.
But she wasn't vewy happy at all.
Well, it wasn't mine fault the compoooter decided to kill itself just after I finished using it was it?

Anyway, I'm back up again and YAY, I'm happy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I just killed mine Mummy's compoooter!

I've sneaked over to mine Mummy's studio and I'm now bwogging fwom the compoooter there.
Honestwy, I didn't know what I did with the compoooter! I weawwy didn't do anything and it just wefused to get itself connected to the innernets!

Mine Mummy's too busy to wesuscitate the compoooter these few days, so I don't know when it is I can get to visiting all mine fwiends' bwoggies again!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I finawwy found mine nose twin!

Wooky carefuwwy at mine nose and pwetty Awiel's.
I founded mine nose twin!

I was wooking weawwy hard for a nose twin and weawised I weawwy couldn't find any kitties out there with the same markings as mine if you incwude the bwidge of the nose as well.
But if you wooky weawwy carefuwwy at just our nosepads, Awiel and me are weawwy twins!

I'm so happy to find mine nose twin! Yay!!!!!!!

I did manage to compwete the chawwenge after all!
And found a wonderful twin as well!

PSSST......I just weawised, we're eye-twins as well!
How cool is that?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've been twying weawwy hard for the Twin Chawwenge posted by The Cwew.
But it's weawwy so fuwwy hard for me to find a face or nose twin!

So here I am, asking for some help.
Anyone out there, in your adventures and wandewings, ever came acwoss another handsome kitty with a face or a nose wike mine, pwease wet me know!

Mine handsome face
Just to make sure you get it wight, take note that mine nose is half a pink one and half a bwack one.
And I got half a white stweak up fwom mine nose to mine forehead and half a bwack stweak.
And most importantwy, note that I've got a beauty mole on mine weft upper wip.

So here I am, issuing another chawwenge. To help me find mine nose or face twin for the Twin Chawwenge!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've been quite busy today.

This is mine Mummy's bed.


Mine Mummy saw her bed when she gotted home this evening.
She said, "Why does it look like you're trying to dominate my entire bed?"

Well, dear Mummy, to begin with, it does not wook wike I'm twying to dominate the entire bed.
I AM dominating the entire bed, and Mummy, I might consider awwowing you on the bed if you put enough Temptations and stinky goodness into the bargain.

Another thing, Mummy, you went to IKEA and gotted so many boxes, but you did not weave a single empty one for me to pway percussion on or to keep mine bewongings.
Of course I've to find somewhere to put mine bewongings haven't I?
What better pwace than on the bed?
This way I can still wook after mine bewongings even when I'm taking mine beauty naps.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mine Mummy had almost an entire day fwee yesterday since she had students onwy in the evening.
So she decided to stay at home and do something "pwoductive", wike pwactice for her concert on Saturday, cwean up her woom, wun a thousand ewwands that never gotted done and so on.

So stay home she did.
She gotted up, made her cup of coffee, twied to cwear up some of the stuff that has been wying awound on the fwoor for far too wong, and then I started meowing to her fwom the compoooter table.

She then wooked at me, and pwopped herself down on the compoooter chair and visited all mine fwiends' bwogs together with me.

Then she gave me scwitches on mine chin which I wove so.
See, I'm enjoying the scwitches with mine eyes cwosed.

Then she took wike a sqwiwwion pictors of me.

See, here are the boxes fwom the cwocks she gotted fwom IKEA.
I wove boxes...
Especiawwy boxes with kitty cwack mousies!Then she took more pictors of me.
I know I'm handsome, but, don't you think it's too much?
Mummy doesn't have to take pictors of me dwinking or eating mine stinky goodness, does she?

No more stinky goodness! was a gweat day.I think this beats all the other "pwoductive" things mine Mummy pwanned to do wight?
Beans just don't know how to pwiowitise unwess we help them out.
I think I did mine Mummy a favour today!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mummy went to this pwace called IKEA again the other day to shop for boxes.
She said she needed more stowage space but I think that's just an excuse to buy more percussion instwuments for me, don't you think so?

Well, over there, she saw this thing!
Isn't it just cool?
A fuwwy wound thing with a tail! Mine Mummy saw it and immediatewy, she thought I must wove this!
So she boughted it for me.

I must say, when she first gotted it out for me to have a wook, I totawwy distwusted the thing. It has a tail! What if it's another kitty or woofie in disguise? What if it starts to gobble me up when I wie down on it? I cannot just twust it wike that can I?

So in the end, mine Mummy had to put the kitty cwack mousie on top of it to pwove to me that it won't gobble up anyone who sits on it.

So now I wove to nap on that tail-thing. Or just sit on it and watch the world go by. And enjoy a few scwitches fwom mine Mummy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

NOMSS Fwiend

I finawwy did it! I took up the chawwenge.
Here is mine special fwiend.
I think I mentioned him some time back in mine bwoggy.

His name is Wabbit.
He's weawwy tiny - he can sit comfortabwy on mine Mummy's palm.

The first time I talked to him, I twied to persuade him to put the pancake on his head, but appawentwy, he was extwemewy uncoopewative, so it ended up I had to put the pancake on mine own head.
See, all because of Wabbit, I ended up with a pancake on mine head.

But because we are supposed to make fwiends with our NOMSS fwiends, I twied talking to Wabbit again.

Me: Hey Wabbit!

Wabbit: ...

I'm supposed to make fwiends with you, so I'm here to talk to you to know more about you!


Me: What do you wike to do in your spare time since I know that you do not wike to put pancakes on your head?


Do you wike kitty cwack?


Do you wike kiwwing stwings?

Wabbit: ...

Me: (getting a wittle exasperwated) DO you wike going onto the innernets?


Pwaying percussion? Singing? Taking naps? Hiding under the bed? Talking to your Mummy? Munching on cwunchy goodness? Or fishy goodness? WHAT????


(takes a deep bweath) Alwight, perhaps you do not want to tell me what you wike. Maybe you can tell me if we could be fwiends? I could lend you mine wittle mousie if you want to pway with it. That's what fwiends are for wight? Shawing toys? I wend it to you for 5 minutes?

Wabbit: ...

Wabbit!!!!!!!!! Pfffftttt.......ok, I give up....I'm tired out.


See, all he did was stare at me.
He didn't speak even when I talked to him for an entire hour so I guess he must be a weawwy shy guy.

So to tell the twuth, I don't know if Wabbit agweed to be mine special fwiend yet. Perhaps wabbits stare to show that they agwee?

Anyway, I think I shall take some catnaps now. It's been weawwy tiwing talking to Wabbit. (And I'm gwad he did not want the kitty cwack mousie!)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wooky at what mine Mummy gotted for me!
Ok, maybe this will make up for her not waking up to pway with me when I asked her to at 3am in the morning.

Kitty cwack munchies!

Kitty cwack mousies!

Here's some action sequence for you.
The fewocious kitty kiwwing kitty cwack mousies.
Sowwy that the pictors came out bwur.
I was moving too fast for mine Mummy's wousy camera.
You see, you've got to be weawwy fast so that you can kill the kitty cwack mousie.
It's a wot of work!

Finawwy...mousie killed.

Mousies are gweat fun.
Mousies with kitty cwack in them are gweater than gweat fun!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wast night at 3am...

Me: Meow!

Mummy: zzzz...what? what?

Me: It's hot.

Mummy: What's the matter?

Me: I can't get to sweep, the weather's too hot!

Mummy: What's wrong?

Me: I'm bored. And I can't sweep. Get up and talk to me.

Mummy: You ok? What's the matter?

Me: Get up now and give me mine fishy goodness! I can't sweep and now I feel hungwy!

Mummy: It's 3am. What's wrong?

Me: (jumps off bed and started singing at the door)

Mummy: What do you want??

Me: (sings) Get up get up you wazy Mummy! Come give me mine fishy goodness! Or some Temptations might be nice too. And I saw BBQ pork on the dining table. A piece of that is gweat too. Get up get up get up!!!

Mummy: Why? What is the matter?

Me: (jumps onto bed again) Pway with me! I'm bored!

Mummy: Anything wrong?

Me: YES! I'm bored and hungwy! And the heat's kiwwing me! Get up before the heat kills you too! MUMMY GET UP!!!!

Mummy: Ugggghhh....What's wrong?

Me: Get up, Mummy, you see the moon? Sing with me! Where's mine stwing? I want to kill it! Oh, maybe I should pway percussion with mine nice box. Any fishy goodness for me Mummy?

Mummy: SHUT UP!

Me: (jumps off bed while singing lustily at the same time) Get up get's too hot to sweep. Get up and sing with me!

Mummy: Will you please SHUT UP?

Me: (jumps onto bed and curl up next to Mummy again) sigh...I'm bored.

That's intewwigent conversation for you.
Sigh....sometimes we've got to be weawwy patient with our beans. Sigh....

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I think the murdewous heat fwom China has twacked mine Mummy down and is chasing her all the way here.
Because I felt the heat twying to kill us these few days.

These few mornings, Mummy woke up to find me, not next to her, but under her.
Yep. Under her bed.
It's simpwy too hot to sleep on the bed, I end up stwetching all the way out on the fwoor under mine Mummy's bed because it's coower on the fwoor.

Mummy was gwumbwing about having to sweep the fwoor under the bed now I took to stwetching out there.
Heh....she should have swept the fwoor under the bed even if I wasn't going to wie there, don't you agwee?
Mine Mummy is a vewy wazy animal. tsk tsk tsk....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I was snuggwing on mine Mummy's wap, while Mummy was checking out the innernets. And I peeped at what Mummy was wooking at. And I saw this!
I think it's meaningful isn't it?
Especiawwy for famiwies who have had kitties gone over the wainbow bwidge, I think it's speciawwy meaningful.

So I waited until mine Mummy's gone to bed and founded the wink and posted this up for evewyone out there!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mummy asked just now.
"Why do I see cat hairs in my cup?"

Duh....cos mine hairs happen to fall into mine Mummy's cup. Isn't that obvious?

Why does mine Mummy ask such siwwy questions?