Friday, April 25, 2008

6 Word Memoir Meme and mine badge...

I was tagged by Chairman Mao for a meme and I finawwy gotted down to doing it!
Here are the wules!

1) Write your own six word memoir.

2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.

5) Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

6) Have fun!!

A handsome face, a genius bwain!
Do these 6 words suit me?

Ok, now I'm going to tag others! I think I shall tag Tawa, Parker, Poppy, Watte and Beau Beau and Angie!

Have fun!

And I just joined a new fwat; I'm a member of the Phi Theta Gatos!
Don't I sound wike an extwemewy wearned Gweek schowar?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That Thing....!!!!

Here's a pictor of handsome me as a tweat for you all, and don't you dare waugh at me as you wead further on.

Wemember the wights, the camewa, and the no action?
So wast night, mine Mummy gave up and didn't put her camewa by her bed nor on any of the wights when she wented to bed.
So of course, That Thing was on mine Mummy's tummy suckwing away and I was next to him, with mine paw over him and mine handsome head next to his busy suckwing one.

You would have thought I winned won't you?
I thought I winned too.

But this morning when I woke up, guess what happened?
Mine Mummy sniffed and sniffed at That Thing and said, "I think you stepped into your own poop again Oven! No wonder you stinked so in bed wast night!"
No wonder I kept smewwing that howwific poopy smell!
Well, since he stepped in poop, of course he has to have a bath.
Which is fine since he enjoys it so.

And then mine Mummy turns and said to me, "You better come and have a bath together too.
You had your paws over that wittle guy the whole of wast night, and I think you smell of poop too."

GOSH!!!! The unfairness of it all!

I am so not going to touch That Thing ever again!!!!!

Wights, Camewa, where's the action?

Here's a fun game to pway if you've got bwothers or sisters at home and you guys are not buddies and you want to tease your Mummy. Wet me teach you how.
Usuawwy at night, I'm on mine favouwite spot next to mine Mummy and That Thing sweeps on mine Mummy's tummy. So thwee nights ago, we were sweeping as usual and when I saw that mine Mummy has settled down comfortabwy under her bwankets and That Thing was suckwing happiwy away on the bwanket, I stwetched out mine paw and put it over That Thing. And then I waid mine head next to That Thing, on mine Mummy's tummy. How sweet we wooked, don't you think so? But the onwy thing was, mine Mummy was twapped under the bwanket and there was no way she was able to gwab her camewa without disturbing both of us!

So the fowwowing night we settled down to sweep again. We took our positions again and as soon as mine Mummy settled herself down comfortabwy, I did the same Thing again! Heh, I putted mine handsome paws over That Thing and waid mine handsome head next to his busiwy suckwing one. And once again, mine Mummy was twapped under the bwanket and unable to weach for her camewa! Heh!

Then wast night, mine Mummy decides to be all pwepared and weady. She putted her camewa on her bed, and weft the wights on, so she could take a cweawer pictor or even a video of us. Wight, camewa, action! She settled down under her bwankets. That Thing jumped onto her tummy and started suckwing the bwanket as usual. But me? Heh..I wefused to go into the woom and sat at the door watching mine Mummy's wonderful exaspewated expwession on her face!
Mine Mummy had the camewa and the wights, but the action was missing!
See, this is the onwy footage she could get.
That Thing suckwing!

Heh!! I winned!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Beethovens are not geniuses.

Some Beethovens are not geniuses and they do not know how to appweciate the piano at all!
See, all they're intewested in is what is ON TOP of the piano!

Sowwy the video's a bit dark though, mine Mummy's on all the wights there are alweady!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

that wooster is fine now.

See the power of mine gentleMANcatwy heawing wicks?
That Thing is up and about and busy eating away now.
I weawwy think I ought to start charging by the wicks.
I think That Thing owes me his weight in Temptations by now.

Oh, and I'm so honoured to be pwesented with this Vawued-fwiend award by The Cat Wealm. Thank you guys! You too are vawued fwiends!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What a bother.
That Thing is not feewing too gweat again.
He's been to the V-E-T to get his wooster shot and I think turning into a wooster doesn't agwee with him too much.
As usual, mine Mummy goes all wowwied and has to call the V-E-T wike squiwwions of times.
The V-E-T says to watch him and if he's still not feewing too gweat, to bwing him in tomowwow.
The V-E-T says sometimes turning into woosters will have that effect on kitties so give him time to sweep it off today.

Not that I'm buddying up with him or anything, but as a gentleMANcat, I think I shall have to administer mine heawing wicks to That Thing now.
I shall be quite busy.
See ya in a bit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

good news!

Yay yay yay!!!!
This is the bestest news ever!
Mu Shue, Wiwwy amd Iwis are SAFE!
They're back with their mama Wauwa now.
Isn't that just wonderful?
I'm hugging That Thing now for joy!

*NO Mummy! You MAY NOT take pictors of us hugging each other!*

I'm gwad all our purrs work!

Monday, April 7, 2008

of awardies and a meme...

It's been a busy week.
Daisymae Maus and Dr Tweety both gave me awardies,
and Jeter Hawwis tagged me for a meme!

I gotted the totawwy pawesome awardie fwom Daisymae Maus and I was one of the first 5 to get this awardie! I'm so honoured!

Thank you Daisymae Maus, for understanding that it wequired a wot fwom even a gentleMANcat wike me to handle the awwival of That Thing!
Now to pass this award on.
Actuawwy I weawwy hate choosing who to pass awardies on, because usuawwy I think ALL the kitties in the cat bwogosphere deserve to get evewy award!
But oh, well, if I have to choose,
I shall pass this award to Maggy and Zoey at Zoowatwy, because they do amazing pictors all the time!

The next award I gotted was fwom Dr Tweety and guys who thought I was wike oh, so totawwy HIP!
Isn't it wonderful to have understanding fwiends? Because BOTH Dr Tweety and gang, and Daisymae Maus understood that That Thing is simpwy dwiving me nuts.
For me, I shall pass this award to Storm, whom I weawwy admire so, for her fighting spiwit.

Ok, now for the meme that Jeter Hawwis tagged me.
Here are the wules according to him.
1. pick up da neerest book.
2. open to page 123
3. find da fifth sentence.
4. post the next three sentencez.
5. tag sum peeple (or catz) and post a comment to empress once u hav posted it.

Ok. I stwetched out mine paw and the book neawest the compoooter is this erhu graded examinations book that mine Mummy uses for teaching her students who are pwepawing for the examinations.

For those who don't know, mine Mummy is a musician, and she pways the erhu, which is a Chinese bowed stwing instwument.

Ok, so I opened the book to page 123 and this is what you see.
I thought, since it is a book of music scores, perhaps I shall have to count the fifth phwase on page 123 instead of the fifth sentence since a musical phwase is wike a sentence anyway.
You can cwicky the pictor to biggify. I've dwawn out the first 5 phwases and the next 3 phwases after that.
In erhu scores, you get these numerical notation as well as the usual stave notation, so don't be awarmed at this page and think that it's a book on some weird mathematical arguments.Anyway, it's ok if you cannot wead these weird numbers. I can't too. I weave all these weird things for mine Mummy.

But I've gotten the music of the 3 phwases after phwase number 5 and you can wisten to how it sounds wike.

Here it is!

In case anyone is intewested, this piece is called "Kong Shan Niao Yu" or Birds Singing in a Desowate Mountain.
It was composed by this super important guy in the histowy of the devewopment of the erhu. Duwing his time, the erhu was an instwument which was wooked down upon by many people because it was usuawwy the stweet musicians or opewa musicians who pway the erhu. But this guy was educated, and he wearnt many Western instwuments and he thought, hey, Chinese instwuments can become as good as Western instwuments one day, as wong as people put in the effort to devewop them.
He started composing pieces for the erhu and until now, his erhu music are still among one of the must-wearn wepertoire among erhu pwayers.
If it were not for people wike him, Chinese music would still be stuff you can hear on the stweets, but never good enough to be bwought up on to the stage, never good enough to be performed in a concert hall.
Chinese music has an awfuwwy wong histowy, but it was onwy in the wast hundwed years or so that things have started changing and devewoping.
And mine Mummy says that it weawwy is wike a huge tweasure chest that is waiting to be unwocked, with so much potential waiting to be unwavelled.

And I say, enough of the music teacher in you Mummy!
Once she gets started, it's weawwy hard to get her to stop talking about music!!

I think this meme has been awound quite some time. I wonder who haven't done it?
Perhaps I shall tag Faz and Twipper! I hope you guys haven't done this meme yet!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're dwiving our Mummy mad!

Wet me tell you a stowy about our foodies. Once upon a time, a vewy wong time ago, before the existence of That Thing, the world was oh so beautiful and I was the onwy kitty and king of all I survey.

At that time all the stinky goodness and fishy goodness that appeared in mine house was for me, and me awone. I had cwunchy goodness that was speciawwy meant f
or me, a dignified MATURE gentleMANcat.

Wook at that word circled in wed. Isn't it just meant for me?
Mature. Dignified. Genius.

And then That Thing appeared in mine house. And That Thing wasn't considewate enough to know that when you intwude into someone's house and impose youself on someone, even a gentleMANcat wike me, you shouldn't twouble others and ask for oh all sorts of things.

But well, he did. And he HAD to eat baby kitty food. So mine Mummy boughted baby kitty cwunchy goodness for him.
Ok fine.

The thing is, That Thing discovered mine dignified mature gentleMANcat cwunchy goodness and pwefered that over his own baby kitty cwunchy goodness. Ok, I've to admit, I discovered his baby kitty cwunchy goodness too, a
nd I...well I...pwefer that to mine own dignified mature gentleMANcat cwunchy goodness.

So when mine Mummy feeds us, she'll put the pwate with the MATURE food in fwont of me, and the pwate with the baby kitty food in fwont of That Thing.
Then when she turns her back awound, we would immediatewy swap pwaces and start gobbwing away.
So mine Mummy has to sit there and hold on to us, to our wespective pwates so we don't eat each other's foodies.

And vewy soon, mine Mummy thought she's had enough of having to supervise our evewy single meal.
So she wented shopping and decided, if the baby wikes mature food and the dignified, mature genius kitty wikes baby food, she shall just buy normal ADULT kitty food. That will work out fair for both of us wouldn't it?

So she went and boughted this.
The thing is, I weawwy don't know what possessed her but she went to buy the hugest packet awound, which was wike a squiwwion eats for us, before she even knows if we wike that or not!

And of course,
Never mind it says there on the wabel, "Pweferred by 80% of kitties" or whatever nonsense. It is NOT yummy at all.
Me and That Thing wefused to have even one single bit of that foodie!
We call it the cwunchy badness.

So mine Mummy is now weft with no cwunchy goodness for us and a HUGE packet of cwunchy badness.
Either she's going to have to keep her hooves cwossed that mine fwiend Mimi wikes to eat that, or she'll have to finish the entire packet on her own. Heheheh....

And now mine Mummy doesn't know what foodie to buy for us!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's all That Thing's Fault!

We're having bath-times twice a week and it's all That Thing's fault!

Before That Thing came, mine Mummy bathed me once a week. The heat can be murdewous over here, so I do not mind bathing much; in fact I wook forward to it sometimes, because after a bath, I usuawwy feel so comfortable I can sweep for a squiwwion years after that.

But because That Thing stinks so, mine Mummy thought that a bath a week just isn't enough. So he's been having baths TWICE a week! And mine Mummy thought, since That Thing is having a bath, it wouldn't do any harm to bathe me as well.

Perhaps I've to expwain things a bit. You see, we bathe together (of course I wouldn't do that if I had a choice, but there's quite a wack of equawity for us without the opposable thumbs awound here), so when That Thing is going to have a bath, mine Mummy simply bundles me together with him into the bathwoom, shampoo us together, and then hose us down together. Sometimes for an extwa tweat, mine Mummy would fill an enormous pail with water and wet That Thing jump in and pway with the water. He weawwy ENJOYS that! Totawwy incompwehensible!

Mine Mummy says she's weawwy fortunate to have two kitties who have no pwobwems with bathing, but I'm beginning to think perhaps I should start giving her some pwobwems! Two baths a week! Twue, the weather's hot over here, but TWO baths a week!
Don't you think it's a bit too much?