Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rocky Steels My Tunnel Box

Action movie for us kitties!
If it was me, I would have sat my butt on Rocky, instead of having to wate so wong wike what Skeezix did!

Maybe I should twy this don't you think? better put the stinky goodness back into my diet!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


What does mummy mean?
My snores gotted more and more weird?
I wasn't snoring, I was singing myself to sleep!
That mummy gotted woken up so easiwy is not my fault wight?
If I didn't sing, how was I to fall asweep?
I was twying to wet her share my wuwwaby, but siwwy mummy doesn't know how to appweciate it!
She should feel wucky she's got me sewanading her to sweep wight next to her ears!

help them!

Click here for a good cause!
Mummy says I waze awound too much so see, here are some pwaces I go that are helpful!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

*innocent wook*
What? I didn't do anything!

Ok, that was a diversion for my mummy.
Now she's not nosing awound anymore, wet me tell you a secwet.
I hacked into mummy's cwedit card account!
This is on the way.
I'm weally kind, don't you think?
I spent the entire day figuwing how to hack into mummy's cwedit card account, just to get a surpwise for her!
And I didn't even get anything for myself!
Mummy should be so gwateful.

Don't tell mummy yet ok!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kitty Washing Machine (Embed friendly copy)

I can't decide.
Hooded sweatshirt for adults or kids hoodie???
Dun wet mummy know....this is going to be a surpwise for her!

Though to get this surpwise for mummy, I need to hack into her credit card account.
Let's see, tomowwow might be a good day since mummy will be out the whole day.
Enough for me to figure out how to hack into her account I hope!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sheesh....does mummy think i don't know?
Of course I know there's cwunchy goodness on my pwate.
I just didn't want the cwunchy goodness.
I want stinky goodness!

Yes, I just had my fishy fweshness, but I want stinky goodness now!
I don't want cwunchy goodness!
Give me stinky goodness back into my diet!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Woahooohooo....I gotted even more famous!
Now I'm winked to and here!

And they are weally cool pwaces to dwop your paws by, not onwy because they putted me up there, but well, all kitties are cool don't you think?

And my mummy's fwiend has also putted me up on her winks, and I feel pwouder than ever because this is one mummy's fwiend who has gotted kitty phobia! And she isn't scared of me!

I am so happy........

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I was mentioned here!

Now....when one gets famous, does one gets more fishy fweshness or the stinky goodness back into his diet?

Here's pictors of my cousins.
They may wook huge, but actuawwy they're all fur.
Do you know, both of them added up don't even weigh as much as handsome me!

Here's Koko (she's mummy of Dino)
Siwwy Dino doesn't know how to keep still for mummy and so all she gotted was clear pictors of her paws.
Maybe mummy's fwiend would like them? Though I think MY paws are the sexiest.
Here's finally, a rare pictor of Dino which is not too bwuwwy.
She keeps moving when mummy snaps!

I am tewwibwy excited today!
Do you know, now there are at weast 6 other kitties in the bwogging world who's dwopped their paws over here!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I sense something amiss.
This is vewy scawy.
Mummy....may be leaving me for a wong time!
Does she think I don't know? I heard her say....she might be getting the Waisin for more than 2 months!
How can mummy desert me for a Waisin??
And where in the world is China?
Can mummy twek back to give me my fishy goodness evewyday?
What is going to happen to me if mummy is gone????
I am sewiously jeawous of the Waisin!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here's me, just fainted from wack of stinky goodness.Dear Kittygod of Wainbowwand,
Pwease make mummy weturn stinky goodness into my diet.
I don't think I can live a single day wonger without stinky goodness, even though I do wove the fishy fweshness mummy cooks for me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is all the fuss?
I simpwy thwew up this morning, it's got nothing to do with the stinky goodness the night before or anything.
Now mummy's making a huge fuss that stinky goodness is not good for your woyal highness me, and she's considewing taking away the stinky goodness fwom my diet!
Not that I mind having fishy fweshness evewyday, but I wather mummy take away the biscuits and leave stinky goodness and fishy fweshness...
No, actuawwy, I wather mummy not take anything away.

Why all these fuss? Thwewing up is no big business! I was twying to see how far my pwojectile vomit could weach!

Give me back my stinky goodness...pwetty pwease...mummy.....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Maybe I should learn this twick of how to disperse of my odouwous emissions.
Then mummy would not tell the whole world the stowy of how I passed gas wight in fwont of her face while she was sweeping..

Monday, January 8, 2007

Today's a sweepy sweepy day.
I was so sweepy I had to force myself up for my fishy fweshness.
And immediatewy after gobbwing up my bweakfast, I wushed back into bed.

See, I didn't even care when mummy was cwicking away for all she was worth.
Even her super bwight fwash fwom her super woud camewa cannot wake me up.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mummy's been sneaking up on me again!
What is she twying to do?
I was just attempting to bwog, but got a teeny bit distwacted at something which she put on the shelf above her concubine.
Can't I just stwetch up a bit to see what it was?
She didn't have to sneak pictures of me!
Hey...and if you want to sneak pictures of me, mummy, pwease take them fwom more fwattewing angles ok?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yes, I wake mummy up evewyday at 530am, but that is for the sake of my stinky goodness or fishy fweshness!
But Mummy is not awwowed to get out of bed after giving me my bweakfast! She's supposed to go wight back, and keep the bed warm, so I can go wight back into bed after my bweakfast!
Mummy??Where are you??Come wight back!I need you to snuggle in here with me!Darn...just me alone!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Mummy has bought a new keyboard speciawwy for ME!!!!
Isn't this simpwy way too cool for words?
I just mentioned to mummy the other day, that the old keyboard was hurting my paws and....yay! mummy got me a nice soft bendable keyboard!!!

I wove mummy!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I think pwobabwy it's my good looks or something. Mummy woke up at 5.30am again today and gave me...NICE FWESH FISH again!!!
And I always pwide myself on my appetite, but this morning mummy gave me enough fish for me to go back for a 2nd wound!
What's happening?
This is really weird.

I must think hard about it.

Here's mummy giving me some of the kitty crack.
Yummy!! swurp swurp...Look into my eyes...muahahahaha....give me more!!

Oh man!!!!
Is this day weal????
This is too wonderful for words!
Mummy got home, and instead of the biscuits she gives me usually, she opens up....

Oh this all weal??
This day is too suwweal!

I can't believe myself!
Someone pinch me.....

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


I've decided what to do with the west of this beautiful day!
Snuggle under mummy's bwankets and have a nice nap!YAWNS!!!!
This is nice!ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz......................

It's been a gweat day.
I poked mummy awake with my sexy paws at 530am before her new handphone had a chance to serenade her awake.
Heh...this is to show the giwaffe I CANNOT be wepwaced so easily by a new handphone! So!

Well anyway, to my surpwise, mummy got up and gave me FISH!
Nice fwesh fish!
Not stinky goodness!
Much as I wike stinky goodness, nothing beats a bowl full of nice fwesh FISH, all cooked and deboned and weady to eat.

And after fiwwing my sexy tummy full to the bwim with nice fwesh fish, I awwowed mummy to go back to bed and with all my genewosity, awwowed her to wwap me up in her bwanket and cuddle me to sweep.

And here's me, after the catnap, and deciding what to do for the west of this wonderful day.
Simpwy too beautiful for words!
Evewyday should be wike this!

Mummy has been nice to me.
From stinky goodness to kitty cwack, and today she sneaked half
a fish fwom her pwate down to my mouth.
Though of course I had my cuteness to account for most of it.

And what follows a gweat meal of fishy niceness?
Nothing beats killing a piece of stwing!
Here's the stwing....
But why does mummy wike to sneak pictures of me when i kill it!
I do not wike to be sneaked upon!

And then afterwards, because I am such a handsome me, mummy expe
wimented with her new handphone camewa.
I must say, I was weally patient with mummy, seeing how nice she was to me today.

Here's me in negative.'s quite cool when you're a bwack and white being wike me.
Here's me in weal bwack and white.Here's me in sepia, with the fwash on.
And wet me tell u....I hate the fwash!
Mummy's pwevious phones are non-fwashy!
I pwefer them more!
Mummy seems to wike me in sepia a wot!Again in sepia.And another one, this time without the fwash.
That is better. Though I seem to have lost my eyes...
Final one in sepia!Ok! aren't I handsome?

Monday, January 1, 2007

Mummy says today is the new year! But why is the year new? It's so old , isn't it alweady 2006 years old?
And if that is not old, what is??

Well, old or new, here's some handsome pictures of me for your viewing pweasure.

Why wake me up??
Can't you see I'm sweepy?
I can't even open my eyes!
Just wet me sweep will you, mummy?
The beauty me.....