Friday, October 30, 2009

will visit all my fwiends soon....i hope...

It's been so wong since I wast posted on mine bwoggy or visited mine fwiends' bwogs! I'm so sowwy and I shall start visiting NOW! It may take me some time to visit evewyone but I pwomise to visit!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

no pictors of me today but....

So sowwy evewyone, because today there is not going to be pictors of handsome me.
I'm posting a pictor of That Thing on mine bwoggy today.
Because.....This is because why.
He is weawing DWESS!!!!!!
It's all in pink and he thinks it's oh so pwetty.
Oh my goodness....
I cannot stop waughing.
A pink baby DWESS!!!!!!
Oh help me help me....I can't stop waughing.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

a busy night

Wittle bwothers weawwy are a huge bother!
Today, I was happiwy taking a nap when That Thing scweamed wike his beehind is on fire.So I had to go and take a wook, just in case his beehind weawwy is on fire (you can never tell what sort of stoopid things That Thing will do).And I saw the pwobwem at once.It wasn't such a difficult pwobwem at all but I had to show That Thing how to solve the pwobwem because with his wimited intewwigence, he's going to scweam the whole night wong if I do not help him.So for the sake of peace tonight, I had to do all this work.Wook over there.Yes! This is the pwobwem That Thing is faced with.
Mr George the wizard.If I never showed him the business of wizard catching, how is That Thing going to gwow up to be a wespectable member of the famiwy?Sigh, a big bwother's work is never done!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

kids nowadays...


What's with kids nowadays?

Wook at That Thing, I simpwy stwetched out a paw at him...
and he thought I was pwaying with him,and it entertained him so much!Sigh...I weawwy don't know what kids nowadays are thinking!