Monday, March 28, 2011

why do I have a weird bwother?

That Thing, he talks in his sweep!

Monday, January 17, 2011

it's wooster time again...

It's that awful day of the year again when I have to hiss at the V-E-T while she gives me mine Wooster Shot.
The onwy good thing about all this is I get to have about an hour without That Thing whining away at mine side.
He has to stay all by himself at home, and That Whiny Thing he is, he kept whining away when mine Mummy and I got home and now he wefuses to wet any of us get out of his sight!

There were 3 giant woofies who were seeing the V-E-T before me and big cwumsy things they were! I gave them the best hiss I could and the V-E-T assistant said I was such an awesome kitteh who wasn't afwaid of anyone! Of course I wasn't afwaid! They were huge, but they sure can't beat a genius bwain wike mine.

When it was mine turn to see the V-E-T, she had 3 assistants together in the woom with her.
But I didn't think those assistants were any much help. One of them asked mine Mummy (in a shout because I was hissing and gwowwing at them all woudwy so that evewyone outside in the waiting woom can hear what tortures I'm going thwough) if mine Mummy could hold on to me while the V-E-T examined me.
And then the 3 assistants simpwy stood at the other end of the woom, and wooked while the V-E-T attempted to poke and pwod at me while mine Mummy held me.
That took out all the fun. I would have wiked to scare the V-E-T a wittle!

The V-E-T pwodded and squeezed me and after a wong time, finawwy said to mine Mummy, "he's vewy good for his age!"
I totawwy disagwee with the V-E-T.
First, I think the V-E-T should have the courtesy of talking TO me, instead of talking ABOUT me to mine Mummy wike I wasn't awound! After all, it's ME she is discussing with mine Mummy isn't she?
And I totawwy disagwee with the V-E-T saying I'm vewy good for mine age because I'm not just vewy good.
Get it?
And I'm PURRFECT for all ages.