Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you evewyone for coming to wish me happy purrthday...

Thank you evewyone who dwopped by to wish me happy purrthday. I had a gweat day with wots of noms and all of you wonderful fwiends awound. Mine Mummy gotted wots of tweats for me and even That Thing was somewhat nice, giving up his pwace on mine Mummy's wap for me. How I wish evewyday is mine purrthday!

Well anyway, after all these wonderful purrthday cewebwations, just when I'm so happy, guess what mine Mummy told me?!!!!
She'll be going to Xiamen for 4 days, and then coming back for a week, and then going off to Beijing for a week, and then coming for a while, and then going off to hongkong! And she wouldn't be here for mine Gotcha Day or That Thing's purrthday and I'm sure there's going to be a wot of whines awound here! Arghhh...

I hate Mummys who fwy all over the pwace!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

16th Purrthday Bash!

Hello everybodees!
Here am me, 'Oven again!
I'm here in the Giant Kitty's bloggy again with mine Mummy's help because we want to throw a huge purrthday bash for the Giant Kitty!

To start it off, I founds some ancient pictors of the Giant Kitty when he wasn't so giant and putted them into the compooter with mine Mummy's help.
If you guys remember, the Giant Kitty has been around way before the era of digital cameras and they hadded to take pictors on this film thing and take it away to someone to do something to it before they get the pictors out! Imagine that! You can't just take a pictor and put it straightaway up on the compooter! So all the Giant Kitty's pictors of when he was not so giant yet, were in this film thingey and I had to gets mine Mummy to help me puts it up onto the compooter before I can shows you guys.

Ok, so this is a pictor of the Giant Kitty when he was even tinier than me now! Mine Mummy thinks this was taken when the Giant Kitty was about half a year old. The Giant Kitty was a Slim Kitty then because he was not a very strong kitten and hadded lots and lots of diarrhea and digestive problems. This was his favorite toy then and he dragged it all around until it fell to bits.This next pictor is the Giant Kitty when he was the same age as me now, about 2.
The Giant Kitty loves to climbs to the top of the wardrobe and mine Mummy says he's a much better jumper than me and jumps way higher than what I can now, even though now the Giant Kitty likes to pretends he's so dignified and doesn't jump arounds when I is looking.This is another reason why the Giant Kitty likes to climbs to the top of the wardrobe.
This is at mine Mummy's old house which I have never seen before because I is not borned yet.
He gets to looks out of the window and sometimes when people walks past and glances into the window, they gets a shock seeing the Giant Kitty's face staring at them.When I founds this pictor of the Giant Kitty on the bed, it immediately reminds mine Mummy of another pictor she took of me.
The pictor on the left was when the Giant Kitty was about 5 years old. The one on the right is yours truly a few months ago.
Mine Mummy says we looks alike if you ignore my furry mousie on me! Do you thinks so?
I would loves to think so because that shows we are real brothers.
Ok, now on to the purrthday bash!
This is the handsome face that the Giant Kitty saw when he wokes up from his nap.Here I is, making sure all the presents mine Mummy gots for him is in order.
Mine Mummy doesn't allow me to have any marnies, so I cannot buys any presents for the Giant Kitty which makes me very upset, but mine Mummy says I can tells the Giant Kitty I loves him and that will be better than any presents in the world.
But I think I wants to gives him something, because telling the Giant Kitty I loves him is to easy because I really loves him, and something so easy to do doesn't make much of a present. Can anyone tells me what I can do?

See the Giant Kitty's face?
That's because he sees my handsome face staring at him when he wokes up.I broughts him over and lets him inspects his presents.I think he is sort of pleased!A special treat for dinner!And you know what? There is so much in that pack that I gets to nom the special treat too!

Surprise for the Giant Kitty

I is 'Oven here!
I cames secretly to the Giant Kitty's bloggy with mine Mummy's help today because we is wanting to surprises the Giant Kitty.
Today is a very special day because today the Giant Kitty is SIXTEEN!
Woooow! SIXTEEN! That is extremely ancient!
Mine Mummy has gots lots of presents for the Giant Kitty and we're going surprise him when he wakes up from his nap later.
And I is going to tells him I loves him a lot!
Come and celebrates the Giant Kitty's purrthday with us everyone!