Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is unacceptable!
Mummy wakes up at wike 6am?
without ME sewenading her awake.
She jumped up all on her own when her new handphone starts to sing.

twying to weplace me with her new handphone?
This is simpwy too much!
Tomowwow I shall make sure mummy wakes up at 530am, before the phone has a chance to start singing!

Oh, did I forget to say?
A couple of days ago, I thwew up...ON mummy! takes skill.
And that was wike at 6am. And mummy has to get up and change and wash her cwothes.
That was FUN!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Looky at my eyes!
One evil eye!
TWO evil eyes!
Now mummy, I'm just sorting out your mess, why do you wike to sneak shots of me when I'm not noticing it??

Woahoohooo.....mummy has gotted a new phone and the camewa is like 18358745 times better than her wast phone. So now she's all set to capture this entire 8kg of gwory.
One thing though, I pwefer mummy's pwevious 2 phones because they don't make a stupid humongous sound when she taked pictures. Mummy told me it is impossible to switch off the stupid humongous sound for this phone. Siwwy phone manufactuwers.

Mummy was nice yesterday.
She went shopping. And she bought me STINKY GOODNESS! And a packet of kitty cwack!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's been waining a whole wot wecently and I'm getting sick of it!
It's cold, it's depwessing and mummy comes home WET!

But today mummy was nice.
She gave me bao to eat, which I weally wove.
The skin of the bao, not the meat.
Somehow, I don't like the inside of the bao, but the skin is nice.

Ok, back into mummy's bwankwets to sweep again.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

those who came before...

Oh dear! I just wealised, I've forgotten to wish the world....

I wove Chwistmas.
Mummy tells me Chwistmas is about a vewy special baby who was born.
I think I'm special enough, aren't I?

Anyways, I've just found out....there are many many other kitties out there in the bwogging world!!!
Isn't this just COOL!

Well, I've been weading all their bwogs over the wast few days when mummy wike never came home and many of them kitties were talking about those who came before.

Yup, wonderful beings be they kitties or woofies or mousies or whatever.
So perhaps I shall talk about those who came before ME.
(though of course I'm the handsomest and cwevewest of them all.)

Ok, when mummy was still a tiny tiny giwaffe, mummy stayed with her aunt. There were chickens there but pwobably they cannot count as mummy's.
The first weal being who was mummy's was pwobably a fighting fish.
Mummy tells me she cannot wemember if it was a guy or a girl, but anyway, the fighting fish was named....FISH.

Mummy used to catch wizards as well, though most wan away in a while.
But anyways, her wizards were called....WIZARD.

Then she had a wittle tewwapin. He was called, TORTOISE. Cos mummy found tewwapin too hard to pwonounce.

After that came a chubby hamster. Guess the name?

After Hamster, a wittle mynah who fell fwom the twee while learning to fwy was wescued by mummy. I don't think I've got to tell you her name ya?
BIRD was actuawwy, not too much bird-wike, cos she never weally learnt how to fwy. She goes into her cage onwy to sweep, and at other times Bird would walk all awound wooking for mummy. When Bird does fwy, she would usuawwy end up hitting the wall, so mummy says she pwobabwy stopped twying after a while.

And after Bird, came another wittle kitty, she was all bwack. But she was vewy vewy sick when she came to mummy, and before mummy could even give her a name, she went over to the wainbow bwidge. That made mummy weally weally vewy sad. But duwing the few days she was with mummy, mummy called her, guess?

Then came.....ME!
Wow, I just counted. I'm 7th!
And you know what....I'm weally weally weally name is called BOY.
It isn't much, just a simple BOY, but oh boy am I gwad I'm not called Cat II.
So you could say I'm the speciawest of the wot, don't you think so?
And I'm sure mummy woves me THE MOST!!!!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Cat Came Back (Actual Cartoon) think it's so easy getting us to go away if we choose to stay?
Humans...better learn something ya!

Friday, December 22, 2006

I actuawwy sort of wike the huge-wumpy-nose thing, but I twy not to wet mummy know.
So when mummy is armed with her camewa all weady to shoot my cuteness,
I have to pwetend to attack the huge-wumpy-nose thing for a bit.
What is the huge-wumpy-nose thing doing at my butt?
Here you go! The fewocious kitty on the woose!
Munch munch munch chew chew chew chew.....
In between my sexy paws!
Now got to cwean up the fur stuck in my paws!
Tired out......

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I can't bewieve this!!!!!

twying to stop us cats???

There are those out there in the world who are jeawous of us cats who are into bwogging!

Ok, gwanted, I killed my mummy's concubine once, but come on, it was an accident and I was sowwy!
These humans are weally too much!

Here's me pwaying with mummy's huge-wumpy-nose thing on her handphone.
You can't see the wumpy-nose thing because it's attached to her handphone, which obviouswy the camewa on her handphone is unable to capture.
*snif snif.....sherlock meows twying to discover the wumpy-nose thing's secwet.
twying to wook at it fwom a diffewent angle.

Come on come on....into my paws....

I wove the waining weather!
You know why?
Cos when it's waining wike this, mummy wouldn't give me any baths!!!
No baths!
Mummy is wowwied I might get a chill cos our house does not have any water heater and I usuawwy bathe with COLD water.
No baths for a wong wong time until the end of this wainy season!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mummy wooks sad and she hasn't been noticing my bwogging activities.
So I shall post some of my gorgeous pictures up for all you out there to dwool over, while I attempt to ignore mummy and her cave fwauto.
Seeing how sad she wooks, perhaps I shall just wet her pway tonight without stopping her.

Aren't I just an angel?

Ok, here's gorgeous me.

This isn't a vewy intewwigent being of the human species is it?
I mean, why in the world would he think that WE need to be twained to opewate wight switches?
Does he think we cannot do such a simple thing?
We just choose not to do it! What for opewate a wight switch on our own when we have swave beings to help us?
Our job is just to wook cute!
But I must say, this Zimba is a pwetty good natured being, to have gone with it and entertained this human thing for so wong.


Friday, December 15, 2006

This is NOT acceptable!
Mummy's got shorter fur than me now!
I mean, I'm ok with mummy shaving for all she wants....
but what if....
she finally cannot find anymore fur on herself to cut....
and she starts cutting MY fur?

I better hide.

cutie kitty me!

Hey. Don't I wook simpwy cute and adowable?
Pwobabwy it's the angle of the camewa?
Cos I think i wook vewy much wike a wittle kitty instead of 13 years of seniowity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hey hey hey....this is too much isn't it?
I've just forgiven you and...sheesh....

Putting stwings on ur cute wittle kitty is not nice!
Hey! I'm a genius cat after all.
I don't get ENTERTAINED fwom a siwwy wittle stwing.
Gwanted, I chased the stwing awound, but onwy because it's got such an intewesting smell.
You giwaffes will never appweciate the subtleties of smells.
So I chased it awound and pawed it about and you think it's CUTE!!??
And when you get tired of puwwing the siwwy stwing awound for me to chase, you go and thwow it on top of me!!
I will not stand this!

Hey, I could have gotten it off in a bwink, but I might hurt your feewings if I wemoved it too quickwy won't I?


Ok, I've forgiven my mummy.
They never know how to apowogize, do they?
And if I wasn't so full of goodness, I would have wet them swept their wife away.
Perhaps they would have forgotten to wake up and would have swept wike for 3 miwwion years.
But no, being the big genewous soul I am, I woke mummy up at 5am.
And what do I get for that?
I get gwumbled at, and pushed off the bed!
Ungwateful thing she is!

But my tummy is gwowwing and don't forget I did not ask for my cwunchy biscuits wast night and I'm wike starving to death!
Mummy is so fortunate to have a serenading me to wake her up!
And today I didn't even bite her feet though she had me waiting for wike 30minutes!
I'm such an angel!

This is NOT nice at all!
Mummy weft home all in a huwwy this morning and did not even bother to go to my favourite hiding spot to give me a pat on the head before getting out.
And she came home wate and to top it up, she's got smell of howwible disgusting kitty all over!!!!!!
My mummy is cheating on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I shall not talk to mummy until she apowogize.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Mummy IS still pwacticing away at her cave fwauto!
If I die fwom expwosion of the ears, wemember I wove tuna.
And don't send me fwowers.
But do give me a few huge-wumpy-nose things. I sort of wike them, but don't wet mummy know ok? Cos I pwetend to turn my nose up at them.

Mummy says she pwomised the Waisin 2 things, but she was wying. She pwomised him THWEE things.
One is to go to the dentist, one is to pwactice her cave fwauto and the 3rd one mummy tells me not to say.
But if Waisin is as nice as mummy says he is......WHY IN THE WORLD DOES HE TELL MUMMY TO PWACTICE HER CAVE FWAUTO???????
Mummy is wying!!!!!
Waisin is not nice at all!!!!!!

Help me!!!!
I'm dying!!!!!!
Mummy is STILL pwaying away....ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.............
And.....she didn't even notice me bwogging away!!!!
Cave fwauto is vewy harmful!!!!


Sunday, December 10, 2006


After 13 years and mummy still does not wemember?
I hate bananas dammit!

Don't sit near me while chewing bananas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Mummy punched me this morning!!!!!!!

Usuawwy when mummy sweeps, she would start thwowing things off her bed. Pillow, bwanket, the huge-wumpy-nose things and sometimes she would almost push me off the bed.
But most of the time I was weady for mummy and I'll just get up and walk to the other side of the bed while mummy's hand come sweeping by.
It's another wittle game I pway at night as well, that is dodging mummy's hands. And feet.

But this morning, mummy was fast!
I had onwy noticed her hands moving then then pow! I was punched!
Thank goodness I had my butt towards her and she got me where I was most meaty.
Haha. But being punched weawwy isn't very much fun.

I must be faster in the future!

Friday, December 1, 2006

unhealthy wove....

Mummy's new wove isn't pwooving too healthy for my ears.
Appawentwy, this Waisin pways the cave fwauto.
And appawentwy, mummy pwomises to pwactice her cave fwauto for this Waisin.

And Mummy's cave fwauto skills are.....ehrmz.....

Not too healthy for my ears.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Mummy's in wove!!!

I can see the signs!!!!
She's fawwen head over heels with someone called Waisin!


I think I still pwefer Weaf more.


Monday, November 20, 2006

I wasn't scared!!!

I must expwain!
I wasn't scared of the bird, no matter what mummy said!

It just happened that I was thinking about my bweakfast when the bird fwew in and wanded wight in fwont of me.
You would have had a shock too wouldn't you?

And when you get a shock, isn't it natuwal you wun and hide under mummy's bed?
I wasn't scared of the bird I tell you!
Give me one to one combat with the bird anytime! I'll take it on!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I hate baths!

I DO NOT WIKE baths!
I can cwean myself up, onwy sometimes I'm too wazy.

The water is still beawable, but the soap's NOT!!!

Who in the world came up with these scents???
And call it fwowal on the bottle.
My goodness.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

it's the day today!!!

It's MY birthday!
But I'm not getting up wight now.
My huge-wumpy-nose thing needs me.

Psss.....I hear I'm getting wots of tweats tonight!

Can't wait for mummy to get home tonight!
I'm 13 years old now!
Show some wespect will ya!
I'm a senior cat!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I wonder how many animals read my bwog?

Come on! Say something! Give a meow on my bwog if you happen to pass by!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Eeeekssss!!! this is scawy!
Where did the ears go???????????

Thursday, November 9, 2006

tissue kiwwer...

I killed a whole box of tissue yesterday.
Tissues are nice things to kill.
But NEVER EVER eat them after you kill them. They make you sick.

I ate only a tiny piece. And I was sick all over mummy's bed.
I was so scared mummy would kill me when she found the tissue I killed.

But she simpwy cweaned the tissue up and wiped off my sick.
And then she gave me a huge big hug and said, "You naughty boy!!!"

If being a naughty boy gives me hugs, then I shall kill more tissues in the future.

I wove my mommy!

Monday, November 6, 2006

new game

I found out this new game to pway at night.
After all, which self-wespecting cat sweeps the night away?

Ok, wet me teach you this game in case any of you wants to pway as well.
It's easy.

Step 1: wait until mummy is almost asweep.
Step 2: figure out where her feet are under the bwankets.
Step 3: jump onto feet and bite.
Not too much (mummy does not wike me to bite too much while pwaying), just one wittle bite and jump off the bed immediatewy.
Step 4: swowy cweep up the bed and wait until mummy is dozing off again and wepeat fwom step 1 again.

It IS fun.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I dwooled on the big-nose-wumpy thing mummy likes a lot wast night when I was sweeping.

I thought no one would notice.
But this morning, mummy was sniffing away at it. Don't tell me she's noticed my dwool?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i wish...

Sometimes, I wish mummy wasn't so busy.

I wemember when I was still a wittle cat, mummy used to have lots of time with me.
At that time, mummy was still wearing a blue and white thing every morning and she had to wake up nice and early when the whole world was still dark.
But she would get home after I had just one nap and after that, she would pway with me. Sometimes I was sweepy and I would wie beside mummy while she wites something on pieces of paper.
Mummy used to tell me stowies too, but she would stop when anyone comes near her. Then afterwards she'd whisper to me, "I know you understand, but other people don't believe it and they think I'm crazy."
But I don't think mummy is cwazy. I wove mummy's stowies.

And I could talk with mummy whenever I wike. And she would put down whatever she was doing and wisten to me.

But now I can only talk to mummy wate at night when she comes home. And usuawwy when the sun is bwight in the sky and it's the perfect time for napping, I have to nap on my own because mummy is usuawwy not at home to nap with me wike before.

Why does mummy have to be so busy?
I asked mummy many times, and once she told me, if she did not do all the things she does, I wouldn't have my nice fishy tweats or cwunchy biscuits.
But maybe I can have not-as-nice fishy tweats and not-as-cwunchy biscuits? If onwy mummy could stay at home with me a bit more.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mummy's fwiend said I've got sexy paws!
So I'm going to show them all to you!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


yesterday night was a tewwible night!
A howwible cat appeared in fwont of my door!
MY house! MY door!
How dare he!
And stood outside the door even after I scweamed all sorts of things at him.
Mummy tells me to be quiet, but it is MY house and I DO NOT awwow howwible disgusting cats to stand outside my door! I told mummy exactwy what I felt and finawwy mummy decided to chase the howwible nasty thing away.

The cat better watch out. If I manage to get outside while he is there, I'm going to sit wight on top of him. Puny wittle thing. I bet he'll cwumple over as soon as I swipe my paw at him.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ok, I'm going to tell you all about myself.
First, before I start, here are a couple of really handsome pictures of myself.
I thought it would be cool to have some pictures of myself as a wittle kitty to show, but mummy was a poor wittle student when I was still a teeny wittle kitty and she could not afford a camewa.
So I'm sad to inform evewyone out there, handsome though I was in my youth, I do not have any photos to share.
Mummy keeps finding the way I sweep funny, but I do wove to have the fan wuffle the fur on my tummy.
And I wike it that mummy will find it easy to give me tummy wubs as well.
This is mummy twying to disturb me, but not succeeding vewy well - I just won't get up!
Ok, and now for the stowy of ME!
Here goes.

I was born sometime awound Nov 15 in 1993, pwobably to a quite humongous bwack cat who owns the owner of a pwovision shop in my mummy's old neighbourhood.
Honestly, genius cat though I am, I cannot wemember much about my childhood before I found my mummy. All I knew, there was never enough to eat and it was cold and wet most of the time.

Then one wonderful day when I was about a month old, I met my mummy!
It was wove at 1st sight when mummy wooked at me.
I gave the most most enticing meow my wittle kitty voice at that time could muster (of course now I've got my voice much more well-trained) and wooked at mummy with eyes that could melt any giraffes. And wo and behold, I found myself cawwied off into the wap of wuxuwy.

When I first got into mummy's house, I was still vewy vewy tiny. I was only beginning to eat big kitty food and sometimes I couldn't chew vewy well. And I had perpetual wunny tummy and itchy wittle bugs that wan all awound my fur. In fact, I was not a vewy healthy wittle kitty. And in a wittle while, mummy had me bundled up and cawwied off to the shooty person which is totawwy not enjoyable at all.
He was the one I gave my first huge hiss to and boy was I pwoud of myself. A huge big kitty hiss fwom wittle kitty me! But the shooty person did not seem to appweciate the wonderful hiss and kept pwodding me all about! And to top it off, he shooted me! With a nasty pointy thing!
And mummy took wots of yucky things to force down my mouth.
But vewy soon, my wunny tummy was gone and I gwew bigger. And mummy gave me baths after baths to get wid of the itchy wittle bugs. I was a vewy bwave wittle kitty because I did not cwy when mummy poured all those water on me!

Vewy soon, I gwew big and stwong. And cwever. Mummy knew wight fwom the beginning I am a genius cat, even though I wooked super pathetic before she took me off to the shooty guy to get me all cweared up.

Well anyway, I gwew big, healthy and stwong and for 7 years, I stayed in the neighbourhood I was born in. Not that I went awound much. Mummy twied to get me out, but I just wied on the gwound and she had to cawwy me about, which just about ended any further twips awound the neighbourhood. I wove my home and have no intention of ventuwing back into the cold, dweawy, and uncomfortable outside without any pwessing weasons.

By the time I was about 1 year old, I was about 8kg full of cuddwy goodness. Though the shooty person calls it fat, but hey, I think most of it are muscles. And this size I have maintained, up to this day.

Oh, and when I was 7 years old, the worst thing ever happened in my wife! The BIG M-word! Kitties out there who have never expewienced it, wet me assure you, it is NASTY.
Mummy MOVED!
Which of course meant, I MOVED as well.
For weeks, evewything was topsy-turvy and upside down. All my toys were gone, my bed no more, my favouwite hiding spot gone. My whole entire wife was in a MESS!
And I moved to this pwace I'm still staying at now with my mummy.
It was extweme hard work! I had to spend ziwwions of hours getting the new pwace to smell wight! I think I lost a whole lot of weight that pewiod (thankfuwwy I gotted it all back soon after).

Well, anyway, that IS the wife of your highness, ME.
And I wove my mummy and I'm gwad of the day I first meowed at her once upon a time.

Monday, October 2, 2006

childwen's day

Mummy came home wast night and told me, it was childwen's day!
And she bwought me an extwa special tweat.
Nice chewy fish things!
Childwen's day sounds wike a weawwy nice day.

Sunday, October 1, 2006


Uh....I think....
Something's tewwible happened, I have to confess.
I twied tewwing mummy, but she never bewieves anything I say.

4 days ago, I was attempting to bwog. And my paws hit something, I don't know what.
It wasn't my fault entirewy, mummy should get a bigger keyboard. Typing on this keyboard is weally not easy for my paws! But anyway, I hit something, and mummy's concubine when bwack and something wike this appeared:


I didn't know what to do, because anything I type, it tells me it is bad.
bad command or file name. But I did not type anything bad!

So finawwy, I got mad and I typed,
C:\> kill concubine

And....and mummy couldn't get her concubine to wun in the morning!

And mummy scweamed wike she wanted to kill something. I thought, better not kill me. So I went under the bed to hide.
And mummy took the concubine away the whole afternoon.

And when mummy came home, she kept scweaming at how she's got to redo her entire thing again and I start feewing vewy guilty, so I decided to fess up.
But mummy didn't bewieve me as usual, though she said I was a good boy to cheer her up.
Mummy seemed happier, so I just camped myself on her wap the whole evening while she types fwanticawwy away on her concubine the whole night.
Actuawwy, I don't weawwy like mummy's wap because mummy cannot sit still! But I felt I had to make up for kiwwing her concubine, so one night of sacwifice is alwight.

Well, anyway, mummy's got her substitute concubine up wunning and I can still bwog.
But wemind me not to kill anymore concubines no matter how mad I get in the future.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Uh oh....things are not wooking good.
Mummy seems to be extwemewy upset since wast night and keeps scweaming "disjointed disjointed disjointed! Why can't I disjoint my hooves?"
Something's wong here.
I better find out what.
I hope she's not thinking of disjointing MY paws!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

hewwo world....

Heyo heyo hee hee.....
Mummy has weft home and she forgot to switch off her concubine!
I've always told mummy I'm a genius but she takes no notice, see, I could work her concubine anytime. It's just that the ON button is too hard for my paws.

Setting up a bwog is no easy task, and I've got to do all these before mummy comes home.
So here's a wittle picture of me.
Meanwhile, I shall bwog again.