Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Mummy IS still pwacticing away at her cave fwauto!
If I die fwom expwosion of the ears, wemember I wove tuna.
And don't send me fwowers.
But do give me a few huge-wumpy-nose things. I sort of wike them, but don't wet mummy know ok? Cos I pwetend to turn my nose up at them.

Mummy says she pwomised the Waisin 2 things, but she was wying. She pwomised him THWEE things.
One is to go to the dentist, one is to pwactice her cave fwauto and the 3rd one mummy tells me not to say.
But if Waisin is as nice as mummy says he is......WHY IN THE WORLD DOES HE TELL MUMMY TO PWACTICE HER CAVE FWAUTO???????
Mummy is wying!!!!!
Waisin is not nice at all!!!!!!

Help me!!!!
I'm dying!!!!!!
Mummy is STILL pwaying away....ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.............
And.....she didn't even notice me bwogging away!!!!
Cave fwauto is vewy harmful!!!!


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