Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hey hey hey....this is too much isn't it?
I've just forgiven you and...sheesh....

Putting stwings on ur cute wittle kitty is not nice!
Hey! I'm a genius cat after all.
I don't get ENTERTAINED fwom a siwwy wittle stwing.
Gwanted, I chased the stwing awound, but onwy because it's got such an intewesting smell.
You giwaffes will never appweciate the subtleties of smells.
So I chased it awound and pawed it about and you think it's CUTE!!??
And when you get tired of puwwing the siwwy stwing awound for me to chase, you go and thwow it on top of me!!
I will not stand this!

Hey, I could have gotten it off in a bwink, but I might hurt your feewings if I wemoved it too quickwy won't I?


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