Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I do not wike all this...

What is this you're saying Mummy?
What? You're going to China earwier than expected?
You said you were going on August 30th? No?????
You're going to have to go on the 18th of August!?
Why do you have to go over there? Can't they come over here if they want to wisten to you perform Mummy?

So Mummy, if you're going on the 18th August, does it mean you'll get China done with and you won't have to go on the 30th?

You still have to go on the 30th?
So what if China is so huge? Get all those who wants to hear you go and gather in one pwace in China so you don't have to go twice Mummy!!!!

And you're going to weave me all awone at home with That Thing?????


Help guys....I so feel wike cwying now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is discwimination!!

Mine Mummy has been inspired by dear Storm's mama and has decided to check out whether she could get something called insuwances for us.

Well, she checked out this first insuwance company (a huge company in our countwy here though I shall not name names) and they do have insuwance. But their insuwance covers wike $50 for each cwaim.
I mean, mine Mummy wants insuwances for us so that should anything happen to us, she wants to feel fwee to give us the best possible tweatments instead of having to be in a diwemma because she might not be able to afford the tweatments.

$50 would be enough for uhm...some cough and cold medicines?

Of course, to be fair, the pwemiums is weawwy vewy wittle.

But mine Mummy is willing to pay a wittle more for us, just so she could feel at ease to give us whatever is needed. But, they do not have any other choices for us.

So fine, mine Mummy checked out this other insuwance company, which is also a huge name not onwy in our countwy but in other parts of the world too (though I shall not name names too).
Oh gweat! They have good powicies for pets. Which would cover us thwough any unfortunate illnesses and whatnot.

And so mine Mummy inquired further.
And guessed what they said?
They said the insuwance powicy is onwy for PUREBWEED PETS!!!!!
I mean, I may not wemember who mine weal fur mummy or daddy is, but does that mean we aren't awwowed the best possible tweatments avaiwable should we fall sick?

Just because we are not purebweeds????

Oh gosh! If I could sue them for discwimination, I would!

You see mine expwession?

Yes, this is what I think of them!
Are we wess important just because we're not purebweeds???

Well, Mummy, I guess you would have to work harder and save all your marnies in a piggy bank for us instead of getting any insuwances then.

Monday, July 21, 2008

mine Cold Box meme...

Ok, so That Thing has tagged me for a meme.
All because he wants me to put his pictor up on mine bwoggy.
Because I'm too dignified to jump up the top of the Cold Box and anyway, mine Mummy scweams whenever That Thing goes on top and I'm quite sure it means that it's something mine Mummy doesn't wike us to do.
So I don't do it. Not wike That Thing who never wearns.
Well anyway, I'm pwetty sure all of you can see, no matter how many pictors of him I put on mine bwog, I'm still the handsomer kitty by far.

"A fun and simple MEME for the hot summer. Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL!"

See, That Thing pokes his nose into evewything!
One day he'll find that he gets his nose and his paws bitten off or something. Wittle kitties just don't know the meaning of caution!

Wike what That Thing said, mine Mummy stuffs EVEWYTHING into the Cold Box, but one of the wonderfuwwest things in there wight now is half a can of STINKY GOODNESS!

Ok, I think this meme has been making it's wounds for a wong time and most kitties have alweady done it, so I shall not pass it awound to anyone. Whoever wants to do this meme just consider yourself tagged! Ya?

Monday, July 14, 2008

this isn't good news at all!!!

What is this you're saying Mummy?
You're going to China again???
You're going to weave me all awone at home again??????

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I didn't know mine Mummy woves poop so much!

I didn't know mine Mummy woves poop so much.
Today That Thing pooped and mine Mummy studied his poop so intentwy, and then mine Mummy started whooping in joy!

If mine Mummy woves poop so much, maybe I should go and poop on her bed?
Being the nice gentleMANcat me, I always twy to give mine Mummy what she wikes.

Monday, July 7, 2008

dental fwoss and That siwwy Thing...

Uh-oh...I think That Thing is in twouble.
This morning, he was in the bathwoom as usual, pwaying with water.
Then he poked his nose into the waste basket and founded some dental fwoss!
Then he pulled out the dental fwoss.
Of course when mine Mummy saw it, she twied to get the fwoss out of That Thing's mouth.
And That Thing thought dental fwoss must be such a wonderful thing that mine Mummy wanted it back.
So he wan away, and before mine Mummy could catch him, he swawwowed the dental fwoss!
I suspects he doesn't have any bwains!

So now mine Mummy is chasing after him, feeding him kitty waxatives to help him poop that dental fwoss out.
Don't you think That Thing weawwy is nothing but twouble?

I never do such siwwy things even when I was a tiny wittle kitty!