Monday, May 3, 2010

I didn't have a good nap today

I know I have been a vewy bad bwogger wecentwy.

There are so many things that keeps me busy and mine Mummy being the world's waziest mummy doesn't help things.

But just wook at what happened today!
Wooky here!
While I was bwissfuwwy asweep, That Thing pushed his head wight up to mine!!!!
I weawwy do not appweciate sweeping with mine head touching his!!

Don't you think he's a bit too much? Give him an inch and he takes a foot, no, a mile, no a squiwwion wight years!
First it was shawing mine bed, then touching mine paw, mine butt, and now this!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is a HOWWIBLE day.Earwy in the morning, after I had mine second bweakfast and is waiting patientwy for mine Mummy to turn away so that I can nom That Thing's bweakfast, mine Mummy took out the haversack/kitteh carrier.

And without asking mine permission, she put me inside it!
That was awfuwwy wude! Has she asked me if I was fwee today? No! She simpwy scooped me up and took me away, just wike that.
I mean, it's ok if I was fwee, but I had evewything pwanned for the day, naps, whapping That Thing, naps, noms, whapping That Thing, naps, noms, you get the gist; it was going to be a vewy busy day!
And now I had to endure going to the V-E-T!

Well, what can a gentleMANcat do but accept his wot in wife gwaciouswy?
So I went to the V-E-T with mine Mummy.

The pwevious time I had been to the V-E-T was an entire year ago for mine wooster shot and the V-E-T and the assistants hadn't seen me for a whole year. But mine fame was so gweat that when they saw me, they all wemembered, THIS IS THE SCAWY SCWEAMING KITTEH! Heh!
So when it was mine turn in the consultation woom, THWEE other assistants came into the woom with gwoves, towels and what have you.
Then the bwavest of the assistants came forward with her towel and attempted to wwap me up.
Of course at this point in time, all h*ll bwoke woose.
I scweamed and scweamed and scweamed and I'm sure I did much better this year than wast year. Pwobably you could hear me down the stweet.
So mine Mummy told the V-E-T, that perhaps she should ask the assistants to all go away and that it's better mine Mummy hold me. How happy those assistants appeared to be when they huwwied out of the woom.

And mine Mummy held me, and that was the end of all fun because I won't bite mine Mummy. So I just growled and growled, but genius me is not going to give up so easiwy. I was still twying to pwot the V-E-T's demise.
And then a bwiwwiant idea stwuck me.

So while the V-E-T was oh so carefuwwy poking me with the needle, giving me the wooster shot, I concentwated with all mine might.
And when the needle was wemoved and mine handsome self cawwied up by mine Mummy, I pwesented to them....POOP...oh gwowious POOP!

Mine Mummy was so embawassed and kept twying to expwain, "oh dear, he's never had any accidents before!"
Hey Mummy, it's not an accident! It's dewibewate, intentional POOP! Get it?
Well, anyway, I was still poked and gotted the wooster, but at weast, I did make mine feewings felt.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mine Mummy dispweases me...

Finawwy, mine Mummy is going to stay put back home for a wittle while and these days That Thing and me have been vewy busy making our dispweasure felt, namewy in ways wike scweaming on top of our wungs at 230am in the morning and wunning in between her feets when she is walking and demanding her to pway pway pway with us.
I haven't been too pweased about her wast twip to Hong Kong though, because you know what?
She didn't come back with woads of pwesents for us.
In fact...this is the onwy thing she came back with.
A toiwet!
Why in the world does she think I will be pweased with a toiwet?
Gwanted, That Thing woves to dwink water fwom the toiwet bowl, but this toiwet doesn't even have any water!
See, I don't even bother to take a second sniff!
Mummy! You dispwease me!