Sunday, June 29, 2008

That Thing peed on himself...

You know what?
That Thing peed on himself at the V-E-T!!!!

He keeps on denying it and said it was because the V-E-T kept him in the cage and didn't wet him out to go to the toiwet and he kept scweaming that he had to go but evewyone ignored him.
Do you think I bewieve him?

He peed on himself!

Well, anyway, he peed on himself and I think you can imagine how he smelt wike when he came home.
I wanted to be a gentleMANcat and give him heawing wicks, but I think even gentleMANcat have their wimits.
I do not wike to wick someone's pee.

He twied to walk past me but evewytime, I whapped him in the face. Not on the head, no, he wikes whaps on the head. I whap him in the face.

See, this is the cwosest I am staying to That Thing until he goes and have a nice good bath.
(Somehow in this pictor, That Thing wooks as huge as me! Do you guys think he's going to gwow up huger than me??? The onwy thing is he gotted himself weighed that day and he was 3.35kg. I am about 8kg. So That Thing still has quite a wot of catching up to do. But what if one day he weawwy gwows to be bigger than me???!!! Do you think I can still whap him then?)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's time for mine heawing wicks to work again...

Well well well, why does it feel a wittle funny without That Thing awound?
Alwight, perhaps I should just be a wittle bit nicer to That Thing today since it's the day he gets his hoo-haas taken away.
That wittle wuss has been whining away the whole night wong! When mine Mummy gave me the cwunchy goodness and did not give him any, he started whining away. And he didn't stop for the entire night! All because of him, I didn't get a good night's sweep!
But still, being the nice gentleMANcat I am, I think I shall give him some heawing wicks water when he comes home.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What a baby That Thing is!

What a baby That Thing is!
Wook at him hiding in his fuwwy bwanket!
You know why?
Because we overheard our Mummy on the phone.
She's just booked an appointment with the V-E-T for next Tuesday.
The appointment is not for me.

Some Thing is going to come back fwom the V-E-T with some bits of him missing!

That Thing is still hiding in the bwanket cwying!
Sigh....what a baby!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goodbye dear Stormie...

Today is a sad sad day because one of mine fwiends, Storm is to be helped over the Bwidge.
She's one of the bwavest cats I've known and she's mine hewo.
Cancer is a dweadful thing, but Storm has wooked at it in the face, and fought it, and won.
Now, she's too tired to go on and she is going to cwoss over the Bwidge in peace and dignity.
I'm sure she's over there waiting for all of us when it's our turn to go over to the other side of the Bwidge.
Goodbye dear Stormie, for a while.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

stinky tail...

Appawentwy, I think That Thing has misunderstood something.
I was wicking his tail for the sole weason that it stinked too much and was disturbing mine beauty nap.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm finawwy back again...

I'm finawwy back! I hope you guys haven't forgotten me!
Mine Mummy has been negwecting me! She goes away and what's worse, she bwings her compooooter away so I cannot even bwog when mine Mummy isn't home!

And because mine Mummy is so busy, That Thing hasn't had a bath for more than a week!
And he STINKS big time!
So I've been hissing at him evewy time he sticks himself too cwose to mine handsome nose and finawwy this morning, mine Mummy bundled him into the bathwoom for a BATH!

And guess what mine genius Mummy did?
She used the fwowal bath soap she uses for herself on That Thing!!!
And now That Thing smells of fwowers!!!!

He woves pink and he smells of fwowers!
Oh gosh...
See, I didn't even want to wook at him.
I mean fwowers are nice and evewything, but I wike them when they're in the garden.
Not That Thing smewwing wike one!