Friday, June 27, 2014

a final goodbye...

My precious boy finally decided that it is his time now to cross the Bridge.
The pain is enormous and the end of the pain doesn't look like it is going to be in sight any time soon, but I'm sure what Boy wants is for us to celebrate his life and remember what an awesome kitteh he has been. So amidst the tears, I shall attempt to do that, because that is what I am sure my Boy would expect me to do.

Where do I start? Right from the beginning seems appropriate. 31st December 1993. A scrawny little kitten took a look at me and decided to follow me home. Fitting just into my palm, he was skinny and kept having diarrhoea. It took a long time of tricking him into eating medicine before his diarrhoea finally cleared and some more time before he became the eating machine he is best known for.

Boy is definitely the genius he always claimed to be. He learnt his name in no time, and very soon, could understand pretty much of everything that was said to him, and about him. He was fiercely loyal and the fiercest fighter I ever seen.

How can a single post sum up all these years of memories?

How he bore it all patiently whatever I try to do to him.

How fierce he was to everyone else that even the vet was afraid to touch him, but has never ever even scratched me accidentally. He even plays whapping games with his paws sheathed.
And when the Little One came, how he accepted him and protected him and looked out for him, much as he would always give his snarky you better leave me alone look.
Or the, what have I got myself into look.
How they shared Secret Paws together.
What a precious little kitten he was.

How he would stand there quietly for his shower because I asked him to.
Yes, showering him is the easiest thing in the world as he didn't even need to be held. He would stand there and not move when I asked him to.
How he has to bear with all my silliness and craziness, and how he was there for me every part of my life.
How I would tell him stories and things in my life and how he would sit there and listen like he really understood it all, and how he would lick me to let me know everything's going to be alright.
How he would let me hug him so so tight I'm sure it was uncomfortable, but he just bore with it.
How we would play catching and how much he enjoyed it.

Your arthritis stopped you from running and jumping the way you loved to these past few years,
I hope you are running like how you used to like it now Boy.

I think you decided on your time to cross the Bridge, and you decided on now because you wanted to do it on your own terms. Fiercely, and with dignity, just the way you have always been.

The time is always too soon to say goodbye to a loved one, to my best friend, to my dear Boy.
But I'm glad you went peacefully in your sleep, without any illnesses or pain.

I miss you Boy, and I wish I can hold you one more time in my arms, and kiss you on the nose, and feel you licking me once again. I hope you are running free on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge now and there is every single thing that you love there.

Goodbye my Boy.