Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm hungwy.
Give me my fishy goodness wike now.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I've just hacked up all the goodies I earned fwom mummy with my cuteness, and I pooped until my bee-Hind feels wike it's on fire.

Yes. Now go away and don't bother me.
My tummy feels BAAAADDD!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is waaaayyy too much!
First they don't sweep half the night.
Then they pwayed something with white tiles that makes a whole wot of noise.
But when I want to pway with those tiles, they chased me away!
And to top it off, they bwought noisy sticky wittle beings into MY house!
MY BED!!!!!!!!

I am sewiouswy ANNOYED.

I finawwy figured a new way of waking mummy up in the morning!
I had been weading fwom Max, that he puts his nose up his human's nostwil.
This morning......

Mummy's nostwil didn't smell as bad as I expected.

I stuffed my nosy up my mummy's nosy and guess what? This was the wecord time that I woke my mummy up! Heh...


After so much encouwagement fwom my fuwwy-good fwiends, I did it!
I ordered something for MYSELF!
The vewy first thing I gotted for myself after finding out how to hack into mummy's cwedit card account!
And then.....

*** We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to the country you selected. You can enter a different shipping address above, or you can remove the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0, then clicking the Update button. ***


Not to mention the weaf cd I wanted to get for mummy....can't be gotten either.

Doubly DAMMIT!
Someone comfort me! NOW!


ok....watest update.
I finawwy found out why they don't ship.
And I managed to get them to ship.
Heh.....genius kitty I am.

Ok, now for the difficult part!

Waiting for my own pwesents!

PS: I think this is more fun than kitty cwack!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I just discovered these!
Stinky goodness!
I wike haven't had them for a zillion eternities! And they've magicawwy appeared on the shelf next to my cwunchy goodness!
This is good! Or maybe...not...
Is this mummy's way of compensating me for her weaving me for 2 months??
Oh no.....

Ok. I'm so full I'm going to ackspwode.
Stand cwear.

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the Chinese New Year over here.
And it is not fun.
When your mummy twies to tie wibbons on your woyal highness me.
And a bath before that to top it off!
Not fun at all!
I'm not going to wook at you. Can't you see I'm sewiouswy pissed off?
Wooking evewywhere else but at you!
Dammit, I gotta get this off me!
Ok! It's finawwy off!

And evewyone's home! How can I sweep with so much things happening?
Siwwy mummy keeps tewwing me to go to bed or I'd be zonked out tomowwow, but how can I go when there are so many intewesting smells and sounds?
And I'm hungwy, I want my fishy goodness now!
I don't bewieve mummy when she says fishy goodness time should be 2 hours water.
I think she fixed the cwock up to fool me.
Damn, I'm weawwy hungwy now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mummy is weaving me for 2 months!
2 whole months!
That is an eternity!
What am I supposed to do???
Will I have anymore fishy fweshness? or cwunchy goodness? or stinky goodness?
Someone pwease help me!!!!!!!!

I don't want mummy to go away!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I did it again!!!!
Shopping with mummy's cwedit card is weally fun! You guys out there should twy!

Guess what?
This time I boughted something for mummy AND the Weasel!
I'm such an angel aren't I?

I actually wanted to post a pictor of what I shopped, but it's supposed to be a SURPWISE! So just in case mummy or the Weasel comes snooping awound, I better wait until the order awwives before I post the pictor.

Don't disturb me for a while, I shall go shop for more things now.

PS: maybe I weally should get something for MYSELF, what do you guys think?

Thursday, February 8, 2007


It awwived!!!!!!!!!

I'm helping mummy unpack.
See, you got to open it fwom here.
And put your head in.
And here it is. Out!
My first time hacking into mummy's cwedit card account!!
I'm gwad I ordered the kids hoodie instead of the big-beans hoodie cos even with this kids hoodie, mummy almost gotted wost in it! It's soooo huge!

And you know what? Mummy's so pweased with it she forgotted to ask who it was who hacked into her cwedit card account!

I think I should start doing some more shopping, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

oh no....

Mummy says.......I'm balding!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh no!
And Mummy says.......I've got gweying fur!
Oh NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you all think I'm still as handsome even though I'm balding and gweying?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


What? Mummy is twaumatised? I shall go and comfort her!Mummy said that on her way home just now, she saw a poor wittle kitty on the woad, fwattened and decapacitated!
Oh cat! That is so twaumatising!
Mummy was weally upset at those iwwesponsible dwivers! Weally! They shouldn't have gotten their wisence!
Mummy says there are so many beans out there who are so ANTHWOPOCENTWIC and I didn't understand the word so I asked mummy. She said it means they think they're the gweatest thing in the universe and evewy other being is not as important as them.
The powice catch beans who wun over other beans, but if beans wun over other animals wike that poor kitty mummy saw, no one cares! And if beans are wunned over, big white cars with vewy woud sounds called ambuwances come and send them away to be fixed. But if other poor animals are wunned over, they are just weft there. It'll be good if they go stwaight to wainbowwand, because at weast they won't be in pain anymore, but if they don't, oh my......Argh...it hurts to think!
Mummy says why the world isn't the weally wonderful pwace it should be is because of all these bad beans who thinks that others wike us kitties, or doggies, or giwaffes, or cows or whatever, are of a wower cwass. Just because these beans are too stupid to understand us, they say we're not as intewwigent as them. Sheesh....what is this?
Even though not all other animals would be as intewwigent as the genius me, but I think even the most unintewwigent of us would be way more intewwigent than any of those bad beans anytime!
Of course, I don't mean all beans are bad, because there ARE nice good beans out there. I'm sure all my kitty fwiends have got weawwy nice beans. I'm just super upset that there are many other poor kitties who have to meet beans who are NOT NICE!
BOO to all those not nice beans!

Ok, I shall go and pat mummy on the head and comfort her now.
So there.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Me with the evil eyes again! Muahahahaha....Under my bwanket with the wumpy nose thing.In case you are wondewing why my pictors mostwy show me at this same spot, wet me expwain.
I do not wike mummy's new camewa which has a super bwight fwash and stupid cwicky sounds. And you have to stand wike super uber still for 3000 seconds or your pictor will come out bwuwwy. I am a dignified senior kitty of course, and I don't go pwancing awound when there are more sewious things wike taking pictors to be done, but sewiously, it's hard not to bwink or whisker-twitch at all for 3000 seconds! So most of my pictors come out bwur.
And now, this spot is where I go to when I want to snuggle with mummy or when I want to catch up on my kittynap. So usually at this spot, I'm feewing weawwy lazy and waid back and most pwobabwy won't move even if you give me all the kitty cwack in the world for exchange. Yes, I won't even whisker-twitch here. Snore maybe. Or sing myself to sweep, but that won't cause the pictors to be bwur.
Which is why my pictors turn out to show me always at this spot.
So there.

Just another wittle piece of news fwom over at my side.
Mummy burnt the fishy fweshness she was cooking for me today.
What a waste of good fwesh fish!
She put them in to cook and of all the siwwy things, she has to go....jogging!
And jogging = mummy's not in the house.
I could have switched off her wice-cooker (in which she put the fishy fweshness to cook) if I had opposable thumbs. I'm definitewy intewwigent enough. But the snag is, I DO NOT have opposable thumbs.
And so I could only sit there and smell my fishy fweshness being burnt and not do anything! Until about 28569 years water when mummy comes home.
"Oh my goodness! what is THAT smell??"
Duh....wike you had to ask!
I did twy to warn you before you went jogging!

And so...my fishy fweshness smells wike fishy burntness instead.
Which doesn't deter me fwom my appetite, but still, I would pwefer fishy fweshness to fishy burntness.

Oh cat!
This is too exciting for words!
First, Missy Bwue Eyes suggested that I could be Cat of the Day.
Then after that, Tawa said she thought I would make a gweat Cat of the Day.
Which of course I knew absowutewy, but it's always cool when some other kitties weaffirm what I bewieve.
And so, I searched thwough mummy's compoooter to find my handsomest pictors and I scwewed up all my couwage, and I emailed Kat.

And she wepwied me weal quick!
And she said I'm one handsome wooking boy!
And she pwomised I'll be the Cat of the Day in a few weeks time!
This is soooooo cool!

*so excited I can't sweep even though mummy's cawwing me to go snuggle with her!