Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oh cat!
This is too exciting for words!
First, Missy Bwue Eyes suggested that I could be Cat of the Day.
Then after that, Tawa said she thought I would make a gweat Cat of the Day.
Which of course I knew absowutewy, but it's always cool when some other kitties weaffirm what I bewieve.
And so, I searched thwough mummy's compoooter to find my handsomest pictors and I scwewed up all my couwage, and I emailed Kat.

And she wepwied me weal quick!
And she said I'm one handsome wooking boy!
And she pwomised I'll be the Cat of the Day in a few weeks time!
This is soooooo cool!

*so excited I can't sweep even though mummy's cawwing me to go snuggle with her!

1 comment:

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, u's gonna make such a good lookin cat of tha day... luvs that pickshure up top that shows off ur uni-kneek markins. Kat knows a gorgeous kittie when hers sees it.

'n u's kin put a badge on urs blog showing u wuz Ct of the Day, just like Missy haf. Mommie ML fixed it so when u's put tha mouseie over it, it shows tha date, and if u click on it, it shows that day 'n Missy. neat, huh. we's help u wif that if u needs it. con-cat-ulashuns.... KC