Thursday, February 8, 2007


It awwived!!!!!!!!!

I'm helping mummy unpack.
See, you got to open it fwom here.
And put your head in.
And here it is. Out!
My first time hacking into mummy's cwedit card account!!
I'm gwad I ordered the kids hoodie instead of the big-beans hoodie cos even with this kids hoodie, mummy almost gotted wost in it! It's soooo huge!

And you know what? Mummy's so pweased with it she forgotted to ask who it was who hacked into her cwedit card account!

I think I should start doing some more shopping, don't you think?


Spock said...

Hey!! I'm furry glad you fotted it ok! Does her likes it? Does it looks gud? I hopes so. Tell her we wanna see her in it! :)

Boy said...

Mummy doesn't want to take a pictor of herself.
So now it will be up to genius me to figure out how to take a pictor with her camewa and I shall sneak a pictor of her in her new hoodie for evewyone here!

Spock said...

:) Us kitties has to do all tha werk don we?!?! Get a gud one, her sweepin, droolin on a piwwow or sumefinn!! Or schmaybe not, her mite be like mine Momma & sneek around readin yore blog fing......

Boy said...

Yup! Mine mummy sneaks awound weading my stuff I think. But genius me will find a way.
Hohohoho....& be assured it won't be fwom vewy fwattewing angles that I take pictors of her.

Spock said...

:) Gud kitty....guuuuuddddd kitty!!