Friday, August 29, 2008

The weturn of the huge bag...

The huge bag has weturned! This onwy means that mine mummy is weaving
me behind with That Thing vewy soon!

And wook at That Thing! He still thinks evewything is a game! I tell
you, I'm so not going to bother about him when he starts cwying for
mine mummy in a few days' time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I wove Mimi...

Nevermind mine Mummy negwecting me.
Mine bestest fwiend Mimi did not forget me and he gotted me something!
Something which mine Mummy has negwected me so much that she's not gotted for a wong wong time.

BBQ PORK!!!!!!
A whole packet of BBQ pork just for me!

I'm so nice I wet That Thing smell the awesome smell fwom the BBQ pork and didn't chase him away!
I think I'm the bestest bwother awound aren't I?

Monday, August 25, 2008

being negwected...

What is this Mummy?
After all the hard work I did with magicking mine Mummy to stay here with me instead of going to China, she has to get herself so busy this past week that I think it made no diffewence whether she went to China or not!

As you can see, I've been so negwected I had to sit here for hours just to wait for mine stinky goodness!

And do you guys know what mine Mummy did?
She's alweady so busy she negwected us so, yet she still has the time to queue up somewhere for THWEE ENTIRE HOURS just to get something called an iPhone!
The iPhone has just awwived in Singapore and that siwwy thing mine Mummy is wanted to be the first ones to get it.
I mean, it's onwy an iPhone and I'm not even sure what it can do!
How can it be more important than me?
Or even That Thing!

I've always known mine Mummy to be quite siwwy, but I never knew the extent of her siwwiness! Gosh!
To spend time waiting for an iPhone instead of spending it giving us snuggles and chin wubs!
And to waste her marnies on iPhone instead of buying more BBQ pork!

What can I say....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

more wandom stuff...

Because I'm such a gweat wizard, I get to snuggle with mine Mummy the whole of this week!
Many kitties have been asking me how I did it, making mine Mummy stay instead of fwying off to China; well, I can onwy say, I can onwy do it, I can't expwain how I did it.

And anyway, I've come to weawise that many beans don't think the same way as we do and they gets fuwwy disappointed when they can't go off somepwace. So perhaps I shall not magick all your beans fwom going away but I shall magick it such that all us kitties who have to be away fwom our beans will feel that the times passes vewy quickwy and our beans will be back after onwy a few catnaps.

Oh, and do you guys think, I've been too hard on That Thing?
I thought he didn't mind.
Oh well, maybe I should no, no, no, not buddy up with him, but well you know, be just a wittle bit nicer to him?

Some other news, Singapore got our second owympic medal! After 48 years! Woah! 48 years is a fuwwy fuwwy wong time! I don't weawwy understand how they decide who is to win and who is to wose. Hitting a tiny white ball to and fwo on a table seems pwetty stwange but oh well, they gots a medal!
I wonder when will we ever get our gold medal? If you ask me, I should say they should wet us kitties participate! I'm sure I could be the champion whapper. And perhaps That Thing might win some pwizes in high jump, or chasing fuwwy mousie toys awound.
Oh, they don't have such events? What a pity!
I was sure I could do Singapore pwoud if they had!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I knows magic!

Wemember a wong time ago when I told you guys I could do magic?
I've confirmed it. I weawwy can do magic!

Ever since mine Mummy told me she's weaving for China TWICE, I've been sending out weawwy powerful thoughts wishing and wishing mine Mummy doesn't have to go.
And you know what?
It worked!

Mine Mummy isn't going away on the 18th anymore!
There were some pwobwems with secuwity or something and they were afwaid mine Mummy wouldn't be secure or something wike that. What? Not that Mummy?
Oh there were administwative pwobwems fwom the other side and they scwewed up the whole thingey which was supposed to bwing mine Mummy's gwoup over and so now no one can go!

What a pity mine magic wasn't stwonger because the twip on the 30th wasn't scwewed up, and mine Mummy is still going on the 30th.
Oh well, at weast that's one twip wess, so I'm a wittle happier.

See, I'm a good wizard aren't I?

Monday, August 4, 2008

mine monty...

I did mine monty!
You guys can see the mine entwy here.
Being the nice bwother I am, I agweed to share half of a double twisted monty with That Thing too. You can see That Thing's entwy here.
How do you guys wike mine monty?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

About China...and That Thing...

You know, sometimes I decide to spend some bwotherwy time with That Thing and awwow him to be in contact with me. And wecentwy duwing these ware bwotherwy times, I've been twying to expwain about the China thing to him.

But as you can see fwom this cwuewess wook he has here, his tiny bwain has a bit of difficulties in gwasping this China concept.
I mean, I've got to do this because I don't want to have to take care of a baby who cwies non stop when mine Mummy goes off and he weawises he's going to have many many sweeps awone on the fuwwy bwanket without mine Mummy.

Mine Mummy is fwying off on the 18th to this pwace in China called Yunnan which gotted her so excited because she's never been there before. But she says she might not have much time to go awound because they've got a vewy busy schedule. Well, Mummy, you better not wook awound too much and get yourself back here once your performances are done!
She'll be back on the 23rd and a week water, she'll be fwying off again, this time to Xiamen, Chaozhou and Guangzhou awea. She'll be done with this set of performances in 6 days but guess what? She's going to stay until 14th of September because she's going to wook for her teacher in Hong Kong!
How can her teacher be more important than ME??????
How can she decide to stay for 10 more days just because she wants to see him??????

I weawwy don't know how to expwain all this to That Thing! Wike yesterday, this was what happened duwing our conversation.

Me: Hey, I've got something I want to expwain to you.

That Thing: Thing? What thing? Can I play with it?

Me: You know Mummy says she's going to China?

That Thing: China? China China China...WOW! Look at this piece of string! Come let's play with this string! Come play with me!

As you can see, his attention span doesn't wast more than 2 sentences.
Someone pwease help me talk to That Thing!