Monday, March 31, 2008

Do not wisten to wumours.

Here's mine word of advice.
Do not bewieve evewything other Things say.
Don't you see, I've never even wifted a single paw.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I think That Thing is turning into a Woofie!

Help! I think That Thing is turning into a woofie! I woke up yesterday wondewing if a herd of woofies have invaded mine bed! Then I weawised, That Thing wying next to mine Mummy is exuding an extwemewy stwong doggy smell!

Mine Mummy thinks it's funny That Thing smells wike a woofie who's been out in the wain, but I do not think it funny at all! I do not want to share mine bed with a woofie! (pardon me all mine woofie fwiends out there; I wove you all, but if I were to have a woofie shawing mine bed, at weast it has to be a woofie I appwove of.)

So because I kept hissing at That Thing, mine Mummy has to give him a bath. And do you know what? He woves it!

But that is not all! After his bath, That Thing has to poop, and then step into his own poop! So what happens? Half an hour after his bath, he needed another bath!

And who enjoyed it the most? It was That Thing!
See mine pictor here, it's not vewy cwear, but you can see mine expwession. I just don't know what to say!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

when you wish upon a star...

Finaawwy, I did the meme Adan passed to me.

The Rules:
1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.
3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture:
4. Post the Make A Wish Meme and your wishing star on your blog along with these rules.
5. Tag as many people as you like so that there can be wishing stars all across the Blogosphere and ask them to please link back to Linda so that we can see what wishes others have made and share those wishes with others.Actuawwy, I would wike many more wishes.
Wike, more cwunchy goodness, more fishy goodness, more naps on mine bed without That Thing disturbing me, more Mummy time without That Thing interfewing, more shwimps, more BBQ pork, the wist goes on.

Oh well, but if we could onwy have one, I do wish that all fuwwy fwiends have a wonderful home, and all homewess fuwwy fwiends out there find a good one, and that all beans out there wemember, that they are the ones with the opposable thumbs and that makes them all the more wesponsible for ensuwing that all we fuwwy fwiends are happy and safe.

Thank you Adan for passing this meme.
I shall pass this meme on to Daisy, Dwagonheart and Merwin, and Dr Tweety and gang!
Have fun wishing, and may all our wishes come twue!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

this is embawassing...

UPDATE: Thanks to Daisymae Maus and Mickey for weminding me that they gave me the award!
Yes! And thank you so much for thinking I'm excewwent enough!

Ok, now that weaves Adan's meme to do.
I shall do it.
After mine nap!
Ok, this is so embawassing I'm going to cover up mine face and not wook at you all.
You see, someone has given me the Excewwent bwog award some time back and I forgot all about it.
Until now.
But then, I cannot wemember which awesome kitty gave me this award!!!
So if you are the awesome kitty who's given me this awardie, do meow out so I can wemember and thank you.

You see, even though I'm a genius, That Thing has turned mine whole house upside down until evewything swips mine genius mind.
Oh, and Adan has given me a meme.
I shall have to wemember to do it.
After That Thing finishes with his bwogging.

Well, he went to visit ANOTHER Easter Bunny today and since he's got pictors to show, I shall wet him use the compoooter without giving him too many whaps on the head.

Aren't I nice?

Friday, March 21, 2008

That Thing...

Do you know why I wook so shocked?

That Thing DANCES!!!
Disco-ing his head off.

This is his bweak-dance sequence.

He puts his wight paw in, he takes his wight paw out, he puts his wight paw in and shakes it all about...
What can I do with a mad thing in mine house?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's so Not Fair!

There is this cabinet in mine house where the hi-fi system and tewevision are, and behind this cabinet is kitty heaven with wots of wires and fun stuff.
But mine Mummy never awwow us to go behind the cabinet, I think she's a spoilsport.

Well, of course after mine Mummy says I'm not supposed to go in, I don't.
Or wather, I go in onwy when mine Mummy isn't wooking since it upsets her so.

But That Thing is not as intewwigent and he keeps going in behind the cabinet when mine Mummy IS wooking.
So in the end, mine Mummy has to put up cardboards at the sides so he can't get in.

Well, he can't get in, so being the bwat he is, he kicks up a huge fuss.
And cwies and cwies.
I was onwy twying to get him to shut up, so I taught him how to jump over the cardboard to get in behind the cabinet while mine Mummy was showewing in the bathwoom.

I didn't expect mine Mummy to take a much shorter time than usual, so when she came out of the bathwoom, she found ME behind the cabinet.

It was then that a wight bulb cwicked inside her head.
"'s YOU who taught Oven how to get in!"

Well duh, of course it's me.
Do you think That Thing has enough bwains inside that tiny head to be able to figure it out all by himself?

And then I gotted punished. Mine Mummy shutted me into the woom and said I better stay in there until I can wemember that I shouldn't get in behind cabinets.
Isn't it totawwy unfair?
There I was, being the helpful obwiging gentleMANcat, teaching That Thing what he wanted to know and keeping him quiet so he doesn't make a nuisance of himself or disturb mine Mummy, and I gotted punished!

I'm going to ignore mine Mummy forever!
Ok, I'm going to ignore her until I feel hungwy.
Ok, I'm going to wook for mine Mummy now.
Mummy! I need cwunchies!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

packing That Thing up...

Mine Mummy boughted That Thing out to the V-E-T today!
He had to go for some wooster shots again!
I did so hope that mine Mummy would just weave him there at the V-E-T.
After all, he wikes the V-E-T so so much....

But perhaps he was too howwibwy spoilt that the V-E-T didn't want him.
Wemember his sewious psychowogical pwobwems?
I guess the V-E-T thought he was beyond hope and so wejected him and sent him back to mine house again.

Well, since the V-E-T does not want him, I've got to think of a sowution mineself.
I think I shall pack him up in a box and send him off to Darkest Sibewia.
Or do you think if I mail him to the Antarctica, it'd be better?

Ok! Almost all packed now.
How much is the postage to Darkest Sibewia?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Mummy! He's eating mine cwunchies!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sewious psychowogical issues...

I think That Thing has a wot of psychowogical pwoblems.
You know he enjoys whaps on the head. That's not all.
He wikes funny food wike cakes and bwead; and he doesn't wike wonderful kitty food wike shwimps!
And he doesn't wike nip at all!
How weird can he get?

Appawentwy that is not all.
He wikes the V-E-T! And he wikes weawing pink and he thinks he's oh so pwetty.
Well, that is not all!
Do you know That Thing wikes water? He enjoys bathing and he enjoys getting himself wet!
He'll go into the bathwoom and wie down on the wet fwoor!
And I caught him once twying to jump into the toiwet bowl.
Oh my...

But well, that is not all!
That Thing...suckles!!!
He wikes to suckle mine Mummy's bwanket.
Yes, this one.
And the weird thing is, he onwy suckles it when mine Mummy is under the bwanket. He doesn't suckle mine Mummy when she doesn't have the bwanket on her; and he doesn't suckle the bwanket when mine Mummy is not under it!
And he doesn't suckle anything else.
Just this bwanket.

Hey Mummy! When did you take this pictor???
I wanted to show That Thing sweeping on the bwanket; you do not have to show evewyone mine beautiful pose when I'm asweep!
Well anyway, tell me, if that's not something sewiouswy wwong with him, what is?
I sewiouswy think he needs to work on wesolving all those psychowogical issues.
I've been suggesting to mine Mummy that we send him back to the kitty manufactuwer, you know, perhaps there's a money-back guawantee or something.
I wonder why mine Mummy never fowwow mine good advice.

PS: Mine Mummy wonders if anyone has ever encountered kitties who don't stop suckwing. How can she stop That Thing fwom suckwing?
Of course if she asked me, I would have told her to send him back to the kitty manufactuwer and demand money back.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

teaching That Thing how to nap...

Sigh...I've been so busy. I've got to teach That Thing how to take a nap!
How siwwy can some Things be?
Now evewyday I have to snoopervise his eating time, pwaying time and even naptime!
The work of a gentleMANcat is never done!
I watched over him until I was so sweepy too that I've got to nap as well.
Finawwy, That Thing falls asweep.
By the way, That Thing weawwy gwew A LOT! See this bwue top he's weawing in the pictor. It's exactwy the same size as the pink top which he wikes so much.
See, now it comes up to halfway awong his body.
Here's a pictor of when he first came and made a nuisance of himself in MINE house, just a month back.

See! The pink shirt weached down to his bee-hind! you guys think That Thing is going to gwow BIGGER than me??!!!!
Is he???????