Monday, December 31, 2007

gotcha day!

Here's Boy's Mummy invading his blog for a moment.
It's his Gotcha Day today and i guess it's time for me to say something about my dear Boy.
14 years ago, my Boy decided to adopt me for his own.
He took a look at me, meowed to grab my attention, and followed me home.
And made himself at home.
From a tiny little thing who fitted into the palm of my hand, still not totally weaned on solid food, he blossomed into a fine kitty.
14 years. I guessed I tested his patience quite a bit. I'm sure it wasn't easy training me as his mummy.
14 years of unconditional love he's given me. I hope for squillions more.
He taught me love requires nothing.
He taught me love is everything.
He let me understand that no matter how other things are, everything can be set right with a purr, some headbutts and snuggling together.
Well, I'm just thankful of the day I met my Boy and the time we have together.
May many more years follow!
Here's to my Boy, the angel in a fur coat!
Happy Gotcha Day!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

something smells fishy...

I just founded these pictors in mine Mummy's compooooter!!!!
What in the world are other kitties' pictors doing in MINE Mummy's compoooter?
Tiny wittle things!
I bet I can squash them fwat in no time!

Why are these pictors in mine Mummy's compoooter???????

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Wook Mummy, no hands!
Sigh...Chwistmas is over. Mummy is back at work, and I'm BORED!
Oh, but in a few days' time, another vewy exciting day is coming up!
Mine Gotcha Day!
Now I wonder if I'll get pwesents for mine 14th Gotcha Day!
I should! Shouldn't I?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa came!

Mewwy Chwistmas evewyone!
I twied to stay up wast night so I could catch Santa and also pwotect mine house fwom those vishus deer.
But well...I....fell asweep next to mine Mummy so I missed Santa again.

But...Santa gave me pwesents!
Even though mine Mummy was on Santa's naughty wist, he didn't count it against me and he gave me pwesents!

I gotted kitty gwass fwom Santa!
Well, the other two pwesents in fwont of the gwass are not fwom Santa.
The devil horns are fwom mine Mummy's fwiend and the cowwar...yes...another cowwar!!! The cowwar is fwom mine Mummy.

Here am me admiwing mine kitty gwass!
I've got mine own gwass!
Ok, the horns.
Wooky here...horns doesn't go with Santa suit does it?
And here's the cowwar.
Mummy, I'm pouting see...and I'm not going to wook at you!
Ok, and for those of you who attempted to find those Chwistmas twees in mine pwevious post, I just weawised mine mistake! There was not ONE twee, but TWO! Yes! TWO Chwistmas twees in the pictor!
Here are them!
You can cwicky to biggify.
Mewwy Chwistmas evewybody!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

time for cweaning up....

Now Mummy, Chwistmas is almost here and if you're not going to tidy the pwace up a bit, Santa's going to put you on the Naughty Wist!

Now here are some pictors of mine Mummy's shelf and table, just to give you an idea. I shall not further embawass mine Mummy by posting up pictors of the west of the house.

Wook here, I barewy have enough woom on the table, how do you expect me to snoopervise all your stuff carefuwwy Mummy?
Hahaha...See if anyone can spot the Chwistmas twee in this pictor!
No kidding...there's a chwistmas twee in here!
Now what else have you got there in those shelves Mummy?'s weawwy making mine fur white....taking care of mine Mummy.
This is the box that boughted the tunnel all the way fwom Adan in Taiwan to mine house here! And the box smells....NICE!This is a fur ball mine Mummy's fwiend gotted for me!
She said the fur's the same cowour as mine, so the ball's mine!
Yay! A Chwistmas pwesent before Chwistmas!
Isn't it an awesome furball?

Now, I wonder what Santa's going to give me for Chwistmas. I think I've been fuwwy good this whole year!
I just hope mine Mummy being on Santa's Naughty Wist is not going to cancel out all the nice things I've done!

And Mummy, you better go cwean up the pwace! I think I'm going to get wost in this mess vewy soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

all the way fwom Iwewand!

This is so fuwwy exciting!
I gotted mail again!
This time it's fwom Skeezix who sent this postcard all the way fwom Iwewand!

Ha Mummy, I get all the cards and pwesents and you don't! Ha!
Doesn't Skeezix wook cool on this card?
Sowwy about the poor quawity of mine Mummy's pictors. She's got onwy her wousy handphone camewa pwus, she's an extwemewy wousy photogwapher as well.
I don't know if you can see it even if you biggify the pictor, but Skeezix's got GWEEN nail powish on!
That's just so cool!
Gween for going to Iwewand!

See, here am me wooking weawwy carefuwwy at the postcard and twying to sniff out all the exciting smells fwom Iwewand.
Thank you Skeezix, for such a cool postcard!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

someone pwease help me!!!

Today is a howwible day!
First of all, wook at what mine Mummy found under the bed!
Yes, the PINK COWWAR is back!
After so much hard work kiwwing it and giving it such a good buwial under the bed, mine Mummy has to take it out and put it back on mine handsome neck!
I wook handsome enough WITHOUT the pink cowwar, thank you vewy much!

Ok, you would think this is the worst news, but wet me tell you, there's worse coming up.
Now this is weawwy weawwy bad....
I've been acting cute and peeping over at mine Mummy's compoooter scween when she emails and guess what I wead?
Mine Mummy has got a few emails wegarding
Fwom this pwace called the Cat Welfare Society in our countwy.

Ahem....I never gave mine consent Mummy!
Appawentwy, when this pwace gets kitties which are abandoned, they'll send them out to foster famiwies until someone decides to adopt the kitty. Then the kitty would move to their forever home.

But wooking at what mine Mummy is wike, I quite suspect the kitties she ends up fostewing are going to find their Forever Homes wight here.
Wight here in MINE HOME!

Someone...pwease tell me what to do....
I think I'm sewiouswy going to be vewy depwessed....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

mine secwet paw pwesents!!!

It awwived!!!
Pwesents fwom mine secwet paw!
Wet me take a cwoser sniff to see who mine secwet paw is!
It's Adan!!!
And you know what? Adan just told me he's gotted his too! On the same day!
This is the vewy first time I gotted pwesents fwom so far away! All the way fwom Taiwan!
This card is fwom Adan and Michico! They're so sweet!
So many pwesents!!!!
And the card has got Adan on it! Wow! That's waaaaayyyy nicer than the card I made for him! Mine mummy never makes handsome me into cards!So many pwesents! I gotted mine vewy first tunnel! I've always seen mine fwiends on the bwogosphere pway with it but mine Mummy has never gotted one for me! Now I've got one of mine own! And Mummy, you're NOT AWWOWED to share it!
It was a huge coincidence as well because Adan and Michico gotted one of the exact same tweats I gotted for them! And it's gweat because I weawwy woved it, which is why I gotted it for Adan. Now I've got another pack of it too, and mine Mummy cannot say I can't have too much. Because Adan gave it to me and it's mine vewy own and I can eat as much as I wike! Yay!!!

Ok, this is a wittle embawwassing, because even though I've seen so many of mine fwiends enjoy their tunnel so much, when mine Mummy opened it up, I was quite scared of it at first and wan away!

It was onwy when mine Mummy told me it's ok, perfectwy safe, and added a few pieces of BBQ pork in exchange before I ventured into the tunnel. But it's always good to be on the safe side isn't it?
Anyway, now I'm hooked. Mine Mummy needs BBQ pork to get me out of the tunnel now. Heh.
See, that's me and mine waser eyes in the tunnel!
Secwet paws is weawwy fun, exchanging pwesents is gweater fun, but the GWEATEST fun of all is all these fwiends I gotted to know!
Happy Chwistmas evewy bean and kitty out there! And woofies and other NOMSS fwiends too!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

santa boy

Finawwy, mine Mummy has gotten something that can fit in mine muscles.
Pwesenting to you....
Thank goodness santa boy outfit has velcwo, because mine Mummy weawwy is quite wimited in her intewwigence. After the M-sized shirt incident, she still insists on buying tight-fit cwothes for me.
You can't weawwy tell fwom this pictor, but the tummy awea, where most of mine muscles are, is stwetched to the end of the velcwo belt.
Sigh....we just have to put up with our bean's wimited intewwigence haven't we?

Well anyway, Santa Boy is here...with pwesents for his secwet paw!
Hey Mummy! I'm busy deciding how to pack all these pwesents up. Don't disturb me will ya?
What a wot of stuff! I do hope they will get to mine secwet paw in time!
This secwet paw business is just so exciting! I can't wait for mine pwesents to weach mine secwet paw!'s so hard to keep a secwet, but I'll weawwy twy hard!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Wow! I haven't been bwogging for a wong wong time! And it's not mine fault!
Mine Mummy has been going out earwy in the morning and coming back wate wate at night - I didn't even have much time to snuggle with her!

Well anyway, something vewy exciting happened!
I gotted mine vewy first wetter!
Someone gave me a wetter! And mine Mummy doesn't even have one!
(See Mummy, I told you I'm way cuter than you!)
See! Mine vewy own wetter! Addwessed to me!
I wonder who it is fwom!
Arh! It's a gweeting card fwom Wiwwy Wu and Mu Shue and their Mama!
They're so sweet!
Thank you so much Wiwwy and Mu Shue and Wiwwy and Mu Shue's Mama!
You guys wook gweat in the pictor!

On the other news, although mine Mummy has been so busy she's at home so wittle of the time, she has time to get me.....a shirt!
No, that's not something to be excited about.
Because mine siwwy Mummy doesn't weawise I'm her musclecat and that I cannot fit in a M-sized shirt even though the M-size is for woofies!
Yes, I'm bigger than a M-sized woofie, so what's the big deal?
There are vewy small sized woofies in the world you know!

Hey, I'm NOT FAT!
Those are muscles!!!!!!
Mummy! You don't have to take mine pictor fwom that angle do you????
See, even mine neck is muscuwar.
It's not fats!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, mine Mummy took off the shirt after she finished taking all these pictors. She was wondewing if her fwiend's kitty could wear this M-sized shirt.
Next time mine Mummy better wemember, I'm her BIG MANCAT and I've got L-sized muscles!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The two talking cats

someone knows our wanguage and has twanswated it! more pwivacy!

owiginal version

twanswated version

Saturday, November 24, 2007

can't you tell I'm a mancat?

I've taken a squiwwion naps since the party and after that, mine Mummy was busy again, so it's been a while since I could post.
I missed evewyone of you. The party was gweat fun!

If anyone noticed, mine pink cowwar was not awound mine handsome neck since my purrthday.
I managed to kill it! Yay!
But wooky at what mine Mummy has gotted me instead!
I just don't understand why mine Mummy has to make me wear a cowwar, and she cannot choose more manwy cowwars for me?
Mummy, I'm a MANCAT in case it's escaped your notice!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thank you evewyone!

The party is over! I had the most wonderful time in the world with all of you and I never knew thundewing herd of ewephants can be so much fun! Or that BBQ pork taste even better with squiwwions of you shawing! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Now I'm totawwy pooped out. I think I shall catch a few squiwwions kitty naps.

Here's a beautiful card Adan made for me!
And Adan wooks so handsome on the card!
We tuxies are just handsome aren't we?

This one is beautiful too! Another wonderful pictor done by Maggy and Zoey and their staff! Did you see me in the bubble? That's so cool!

I had the most wonderful purrthday. I didn't know parties were so fun! I definitewy will thwow more parties in the future!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wet's Party!!!!

Today IS the day!
I'm fourteen and I'm going to thwow the biggest purrthday party!
See I'm all attired for mine party. Thanks so much Maggy & Zoey for doing up such a nice party pictor for me!

I hope evewy kitty had a nice twip here. If you came by pwane, this should be the first view you get of Singapore!
The airport!
I've never been on a pwane mineself, so I hope it wasn't too bad a twip and the staff on the pwane gave you wots of nip and stinky goodness!

Just in case anyone is still feewing hungwy, here's the squiwwion cans of stinky goodness I gotted. Gwab a bite first!
Here is some cwunchy goodness as well. Mine favouwite fwavour. Chicken and tuna!

I think perhaps we'll visit mine Mummy at her studio and while she works, we can teweport to other pwaces and have fun.
Here's mine Mummy's studio - see the Magma sign? That is the sign of the German westauwant which is on the gwound wevel. Mine Mummy is on the 3rd wevel.
Since mine Mummy is on the 3rd wevel, there're wots of stairs and maybe we can all have a game of thundewing herd of ewephants! These steps are made of wood and they thunder wonderfuwwy!
These birds wike to stand outside the window and sing tewwibwy woudwy. Don't they wook simpwy yummy...opps...cute?

Ok, perhaps we shall weave mine Mummy there and go somewhere else. What about going to the Juwong Bird Park? There are squiwwions yummy...oopss...cute birds there!Penguins!

Now after the bird park, what about going to the zoo? Here are some awesome kitties!

Tired out? Wet's head home.
I hope all of you will wike mine toys. I haven't got much but we can all share.
Kitty cwack mousies!
Kiwwing stwings is a good game too.
The white fuwwy thing with the tail, in case anyone wants to nap on it.
Mine percussion box.
The humongous paw.
And mine cwazy Mummy just gotted another one a few days ago. A much smawwer size as compared to the humongous paw, but still bigger than mine paw.
If you guys get tired of the percussion box, you can pway with the basketball as well.

Arh, this is the best part!
BBQ pork!
PSSST...I just weawised, mine Mummy's toes are sticking out at the bottom wight side of the pictor! Eeeekkkss!!!
Here am me, testing to make sure it's just wight for all of you. Do twy a piece! It's simpwy heavenwy!

Woah! I hope all of you have a gweat time!
Here's mine bed. Have a squiwwion kitty naps before going back ya!

I had a gweat time with all of you! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me!
This is the wonderfuwwest purrthday I've ever had!