Thursday, March 19, 2009

That Thing needs to wearn wespect!

Where is That Thing?
I'm going to give the hugest whap in the nose to That Thing!!!
That will teach him to be wude!
Commenting about mine figure in his bwog!
Saying I am FAT!!!
First, he needs his eyes checked. I'm NOT fat. I'm muscuwar.
Second, he weawwy needs to wearn wespect.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That Thing has finawwy fwipped...

Wook here, I don't know what came over That Thing today, but he seems to suddenwy think I'm the most awesome thing on earth. He keeps walking over to me and saying "I woves you wots" and twying to snuggle with me, and attempting to kiss me and stuff.
I'm a bit wowwied if it's because he's got a few whaps on the head too much.
So here I am, showing him exactwy what I think of all his wovey dovey stuff.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a tweat for you all...

Ok, wooks wike after seeing mine handsome pictor of me when I was just That Thing's age, many of you have dwooled and swooned and maybe fainted and so forgot to go to mine Mummy's auction site. Some of you did go and mine Mummy sold a few things, but there are a squiwwion things still unsold! Do go and have a wook ok? And as a vewy special tweat, I'm going to show mine handsome tummy again. This was when I was swightwy older than That Thing now. Don't be fooled by the date at the bottom! That function malfunctioned (hahaha) and west assured, I wasn't borned in 1988 yet. Nononono....I wasn't! No matter what That Thing says.Ok, and for the few things mine Mummy has sold, here's her donation to the Cat Welfare Society.
She sold a weird fish thingey and a woodstock to That Thing's foster mama for $23, and the camel bag to someone whom I hisses at for $10, and a pack of battewies to another guy at $2. So that makes a total of $35 and today with mine help, mine Mummy donated it to the Cat Welfare Society.
Oh, and a fwiend, I'm not sure if he or she is a mama of one of our kitty fwiends, or a fwiend of mine Mummy's fwiend, or a wandom person who's chanced upon mine Mummy's auction, but he/she is fwom the US, and he/she said he/she bidded just to help the kitties, and so mine Mummy sent the page to the Cat Welfare Society donation to her, and she can donate it herself. And mine Mummy thinks it's so sweet of him/her to want to help the kitties, even all the way here in Singapore.
And also, mine Mummy (and me) are cuwious to know who it is, is it a mama of one of our fwiends? Do tell us if you are!
Come on, buy more and we can make more donations!