Thursday, September 27, 2007


You know what?
I think I'm a wizard! I can do magic!

Wast night, I was in mine Mummy's woom and the wights were off. I was thinking that it was too dark to pway mine thundewing herd of ewephants and stared intentwy into the wight.....and it came on!

Then water into the night, I was feewing a wittle hungwy but mine Mummy was selfishwy stawing into the compoooter and ignowing me. So I put forth all mine most powerful thoughts and in 2 1/2minutes' time, mine Mummy unstuck her butt off the compoooter chair and stumbled into the kitchen and put some cwunchy goodness out for me. I didn't even have to sing!

And then this morning, I was getting a wittle bored and wanted to pway with mine kitty cwack mousies but I forgot where they wan off to.
So i wied down next to mine Mummy on her bed and sent out powerful thoughts about kitty cwack mousies. In wess than 5 minutes, mine Mummy stwetched a hand under her piwwow and thwew out a kitty cwack mousie for me! I heard her mumbwing something about "how did it get here" though. I wonder if mine Mummy knows magic too and she was mumbwing spells of some sort?

But you see, don't these pwove that I'm a vewy powerful magical kitty?
I can make things happen just by thinking powerful thoughts!

Hohoho...I think I'm going to do some sewious thinking about fishy goodness and BBQ pork now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

vwoom vwoom

Now I know why mine Mummy is always not awound!
She's been eaten by this huge bwack monster!

See! This nasty monster has gobbwed up mine Mummy's head!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Hey evewybody!
I'm here!
Thanks for evewyfuwwy fwiends' concern. I'm fine.

there was a weason why I wasn't awound for such a wong time!

Mine Mummy has been so busy she hasn't got the time to switch the compoooter on for me!
She says she's so busy she's hardly even have time to bweathe, wet awone on the compoooter for me.
But I say, if she's so busy she doesn't have time to bweathe, why don't she just stop bweathing, and spend the time switching the compoooter on for me instead?

Well anyway, I've been quite busy too.
Because mine Mummy's so busy she's seem to stop noticing things awound the house, I've been quite busy getting her to start noticing again.
Mine oh mine, I've been busy!
Hairballs on the bed, mine fur in mine Mummy's cups, mine kitty cwack mousies all over the fwoor.
I wonder when mine Mummy will start noticing?

Oh, and wemember the BBQ pork I told you guys about that time?
Mine Mummy did manage to bwing it home the next day.
But onwy half of what she owiginawwy gotted!

Oh well, I haven't got the time for a wong post this time - mine Mummy is perstewing me to stop bwogging and switch off the compoooter because she wants to go to bed soon. Sigh...I hope I'll be back again vewy soon for more posts!
Don't forget me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Day in the Wife of a Genius Cat

5am Wake mine Mummy up with mine wonderful singing. Oh gwowious stinky goodness!
510am Finished stinky goodness. Back onto mine bed next to mine Mummy.
8am Mine Mummy gets up. Darn. Disturbed mine dweams of a feast.
813am Fowwows mine Mummy awound the house hoping to get some cwunchy goodness for wooking so cute.
821am Mine Mummy succumbed to mine cuteness. Cwunchy goodness on its way down to mine tummy.
834am It's a hot day. Wie down on the fwoor underneath mine Mummy's bed to cool it off.
858am Found mine kitty cwack mousie underneath the bed. Cawwy it out to mine Mummy and demanded she pway with me. Mine Mummy made a few half hearted thwows and then compwetewy ignored me! How wude can she get? Ignowing genius me!
902am Tired of kitty cwack mousie game. Jump onto mine Mummy's bed for a sweep.
1020am Woke up feewing extwemewy hungwy. Sang a bit and gotted mine cwunchy goodness.
1103am Mine Mummy going out. Filled mine bowl with cwunchy goodness to wast the day.
1105am Mine Mummy weft the house and wocked the door. Stuffed mine face with cwunchy goodness.
1111am Darn.Full. Cwunchy goodness all gone. Tummy feels wike expwoding. Dwagged myself back onto mine Mummy's bed.
1237pm Woke up fwom mine kitty nap. Bored. Went back to sweep.
128pm Siwwy bird stood on the window and sang. Woke me up. Scolded bird. Went back to sweep.
256pm Thought of checking out on mine fwiends' bwoggies. Wazy to step out of bed. Went back to sweep.
404pm Weather's darn hot. Woke up. Checked on mine monkeys. I think they're mad. I mean, who in the wight mind would make their home in the water??? Pure madness.
540pm Bored. Hungwy. Went to sweep.
715pm Awake. Can't get to sweep anymore. Chased mine kitty cwack mousie awound. Found the white fuwwy thing with the tail. (actuawwy it's on the bed, but at a corner so I forgot it was there) Dwagged it out and curled on top of it. Went to sweep again.
846pm Awake. But bored. Curled on the white fuwwy thing with the tail and thought genius thoughts since I was too wazy to switch on the compoooter to bwog. (Basicawwy genius thoughts compwises of a few categowies of things namewy, food; food; food; kitty naps; food; food; toys; and food.)
1057pm Mine Mummy finawwy home!!!! Wushed to gweet her at the door and appear cute. As a wesult, mine Mummy went to the kitchen and gave me mine fishy goodness even before she puts down her bag or take off her socks.
1059pm Disaster stwikes! While wooking at me gobble up mine fishy goodness, mine Mummy confessed that she bought BBQ pork today. But she weft it at her studio! A whole packet of BBQ pork! Weft at her studio! Under the mercy of mine Mummy's cowweagues and students!!!!! Not a single bite for me! All in her studio!!!!! CATastwophe! Such wonderful BBQ pork! I wonder if there would be any weft tomowwow!

I am heartbwoken!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 5 of monkeys!

Today is the 5th day of mine Sea Monkey pwoject!
And on the instwuctions, they said to start feeding the monkeys on the fifth day, which means today!
I did, and I met with one tiny question.
Do I need to stir the water?
Because you see, all the food fwoated at the top of the water.
And although the aquawium isn't vewy huge, those monkeys are extwemewy small.
So to them, the bottom of the aquawium is wike a squiwwion miles away fwom the top of the aquawium.
How will the monkeys at the bottom know that food has awwived at the top?
Well anyway, I attempted to take a pictor of them monkeys with mine Mummy's wousy camewa. Obviouswy a wot of it has to be weft to your imagination.
Even circwing the monkeys out doesn't make it easier to spot them.
And iwonicawwy, the darkest spot on the pictor is not that of a monkey!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 4 of Sea Monkey Pwoject

Today is Sea Monkey's Day 4!
And you guys know what? I think I saw a squiwwion of them!

Here's mine paw.
I was twying to take a better wook at them.

*sniff sniff sniff*
Checking that they are fine.

They're weawwy tiny, so they can't weawwy show up on mine Mummy's wousy camewa. I twied counting them but they zap awound so fast I don't know which ones I've counted and which ones I haven't.

I've got to start feeding them tomowwow so I think I'll need to be weawwy careful.
Daisy says not to overfeed them.
I'm gwad Daisy said this because if it were me, I would have thought the more food the happier they would be?
At weast, that's what happens for me, so why shouldn't it be the same for the monkeys?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 2 of mine Sea Monkeys pwoject!

Here's me smewwing to make sure the water's been fuwwy puwified.

Checking evewything out before pwoceeding to the second step - hatching the eggs!

Instant eggs! Hohoho....

I was cuwious to see what the eggs are made of, so I gotted mine Mummy to open up the packet and show me. You can't see cwearwy from this pictor, but the eggs wook just wike white powder.
Powdered sea monkeys!

Here's mine Mummy hatching the eggs under mine genius supervision.

Here you are! All in the water!
I can't wait to see them monkeys!!!!