Sunday, February 18, 2007


After so much encouwagement fwom my fuwwy-good fwiends, I did it!
I ordered something for MYSELF!
The vewy first thing I gotted for myself after finding out how to hack into mummy's cwedit card account!
And then.....

*** We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to the country you selected. You can enter a different shipping address above, or you can remove the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0, then clicking the Update button. ***


Not to mention the weaf cd I wanted to get for mummy....can't be gotten either.

Doubly DAMMIT!
Someone comfort me! NOW!


ok....watest update.
I finawwy found out why they don't ship.
And I managed to get them to ship.
Heh.....genius kitty I am.

Ok, now for the difficult part!

Waiting for my own pwesents!

PS: I think this is more fun than kitty cwack!

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