Sunday, February 4, 2007

Me with the evil eyes again! Muahahahaha....Under my bwanket with the wumpy nose thing.In case you are wondewing why my pictors mostwy show me at this same spot, wet me expwain.
I do not wike mummy's new camewa which has a super bwight fwash and stupid cwicky sounds. And you have to stand wike super uber still for 3000 seconds or your pictor will come out bwuwwy. I am a dignified senior kitty of course, and I don't go pwancing awound when there are more sewious things wike taking pictors to be done, but sewiously, it's hard not to bwink or whisker-twitch at all for 3000 seconds! So most of my pictors come out bwur.
And now, this spot is where I go to when I want to snuggle with mummy or when I want to catch up on my kittynap. So usually at this spot, I'm feewing weawwy lazy and waid back and most pwobabwy won't move even if you give me all the kitty cwack in the world for exchange. Yes, I won't even whisker-twitch here. Snore maybe. Or sing myself to sweep, but that won't cause the pictors to be bwur.
Which is why my pictors turn out to show me always at this spot.
So there.

Just another wittle piece of news fwom over at my side.
Mummy burnt the fishy fweshness she was cooking for me today.
What a waste of good fwesh fish!
She put them in to cook and of all the siwwy things, she has to go....jogging!
And jogging = mummy's not in the house.
I could have switched off her wice-cooker (in which she put the fishy fweshness to cook) if I had opposable thumbs. I'm definitewy intewwigent enough. But the snag is, I DO NOT have opposable thumbs.
And so I could only sit there and smell my fishy fweshness being burnt and not do anything! Until about 28569 years water when mummy comes home.
"Oh my goodness! what is THAT smell??"
Duh....wike you had to ask!
I did twy to warn you before you went jogging!

And fishy fweshness smells wike fishy burntness instead.
Which doesn't deter me fwom my appetite, but still, I would pwefer fishy fweshness to fishy burntness.


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, yes, fishy burntness, mine mommie fixes that sumtimes, too. 'n chickie burntness... it's a house spec-shul. hee hee... KC

cow said...

what brand of rice cooker?!?! so paw-unfriendly... !!

Boy said...

gosh, KC! Burntness house spec-shul!
I just wearnt, the bwack bits of the fishy burntness taste....URGH!!!
Wemember not to eat those bits when you guys get your house spec-shul!

And Cow, I think the bwand of the wice-cooker has got an ewephant pictor on it! Perhaps only ewephants can switch it off?