Monday, December 18, 2006

This isn't a vewy intewwigent being of the human species is it?
I mean, why in the world would he think that WE need to be twained to opewate wight switches?
Does he think we cannot do such a simple thing?
We just choose not to do it! What for opewate a wight switch on our own when we have swave beings to help us?
Our job is just to wook cute!
But I must say, this Zimba is a pwetty good natured being, to have gone with it and entertained this human thing for so wong.



cow said...

he spent 7 mins on a stupid switch?? humans really have nothing better to do....

giRaffe said...

which is why I choose to associate myself with other animals wike giwaffes and cows.
I'm never ever going to have anything to do with humans! NO!