Wednesday, December 27, 2006

those who came before...

Oh dear! I just wealised, I've forgotten to wish the world....

I wove Chwistmas.
Mummy tells me Chwistmas is about a vewy special baby who was born.
I think I'm special enough, aren't I?

Anyways, I've just found out....there are many many other kitties out there in the bwogging world!!!
Isn't this just COOL!

Well, I've been weading all their bwogs over the wast few days when mummy wike never came home and many of them kitties were talking about those who came before.

Yup, wonderful beings be they kitties or woofies or mousies or whatever.
So perhaps I shall talk about those who came before ME.
(though of course I'm the handsomest and cwevewest of them all.)

Ok, when mummy was still a tiny tiny giwaffe, mummy stayed with her aunt. There were chickens there but pwobably they cannot count as mummy's.
The first weal being who was mummy's was pwobably a fighting fish.
Mummy tells me she cannot wemember if it was a guy or a girl, but anyway, the fighting fish was named....FISH.

Mummy used to catch wizards as well, though most wan away in a while.
But anyways, her wizards were called....WIZARD.

Then she had a wittle tewwapin. He was called, TORTOISE. Cos mummy found tewwapin too hard to pwonounce.

After that came a chubby hamster. Guess the name?

After Hamster, a wittle mynah who fell fwom the twee while learning to fwy was wescued by mummy. I don't think I've got to tell you her name ya?
BIRD was actuawwy, not too much bird-wike, cos she never weally learnt how to fwy. She goes into her cage onwy to sweep, and at other times Bird would walk all awound wooking for mummy. When Bird does fwy, she would usuawwy end up hitting the wall, so mummy says she pwobabwy stopped twying after a while.

And after Bird, came another wittle kitty, she was all bwack. But she was vewy vewy sick when she came to mummy, and before mummy could even give her a name, she went over to the wainbow bwidge. That made mummy weally weally vewy sad. But duwing the few days she was with mummy, mummy called her, guess?

Then came.....ME!
Wow, I just counted. I'm 7th!
And you know what....I'm weally weally weally name is called BOY.
It isn't much, just a simple BOY, but oh boy am I gwad I'm not called Cat II.
So you could say I'm the speciawest of the wot, don't you think so?
And I'm sure mummy woves me THE MOST!!!!!!!

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