Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ok, I've forgiven my mummy.
They never know how to apowogize, do they?
And if I wasn't so full of goodness, I would have wet them swept their wife away.
Perhaps they would have forgotten to wake up and would have swept wike for 3 miwwion years.
But no, being the big genewous soul I am, I woke mummy up at 5am.
And what do I get for that?
I get gwumbled at, and pushed off the bed!
Ungwateful thing she is!

But my tummy is gwowwing and don't forget I did not ask for my cwunchy biscuits wast night and I'm wike starving to death!
Mummy is so fortunate to have a serenading me to wake her up!
And today I didn't even bite her feet though she had me waiting for wike 30minutes!
I'm such an angel!

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