Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i wish...

Sometimes, I wish mummy wasn't so busy.

I wemember when I was still a wittle cat, mummy used to have lots of time with me.
At that time, mummy was still wearing a blue and white thing every morning and she had to wake up nice and early when the whole world was still dark.
But she would get home after I had just one nap and after that, she would pway with me. Sometimes I was sweepy and I would wie beside mummy while she wites something on pieces of paper.
Mummy used to tell me stowies too, but she would stop when anyone comes near her. Then afterwards she'd whisper to me, "I know you understand, but other people don't believe it and they think I'm crazy."
But I don't think mummy is cwazy. I wove mummy's stowies.

And I could talk with mummy whenever I wike. And she would put down whatever she was doing and wisten to me.

But now I can only talk to mummy wate at night when she comes home. And usuawwy when the sun is bwight in the sky and it's the perfect time for napping, I have to nap on my own because mummy is usuawwy not at home to nap with me wike before.

Why does mummy have to be so busy?
I asked mummy many times, and once she told me, if she did not do all the things she does, I wouldn't have my nice fishy tweats or cwunchy biscuits.
But maybe I can have not-as-nice fishy tweats and not-as-cwunchy biscuits? If onwy mummy could stay at home with me a bit more.

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