Sunday, October 1, 2006


Uh....I think....
Something's tewwible happened, I have to confess.
I twied tewwing mummy, but she never bewieves anything I say.

4 days ago, I was attempting to bwog. And my paws hit something, I don't know what.
It wasn't my fault entirewy, mummy should get a bigger keyboard. Typing on this keyboard is weally not easy for my paws! But anyway, I hit something, and mummy's concubine when bwack and something wike this appeared:


I didn't know what to do, because anything I type, it tells me it is bad.
bad command or file name. But I did not type anything bad!

So finawwy, I got mad and I typed,
C:\> kill concubine

And....and mummy couldn't get her concubine to wun in the morning!

And mummy scweamed wike she wanted to kill something. I thought, better not kill me. So I went under the bed to hide.
And mummy took the concubine away the whole afternoon.

And when mummy came home, she kept scweaming at how she's got to redo her entire thing again and I start feewing vewy guilty, so I decided to fess up.
But mummy didn't bewieve me as usual, though she said I was a good boy to cheer her up.
Mummy seemed happier, so I just camped myself on her wap the whole evening while she types fwanticawwy away on her concubine the whole night.
Actuawwy, I don't weawwy like mummy's wap because mummy cannot sit still! But I felt I had to make up for kiwwing her concubine, so one night of sacwifice is alwight.

Well, anyway, mummy's got her substitute concubine up wunning and I can still bwog.
But wemind me not to kill anymore concubines no matter how mad I get in the future.

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