Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mummy has been nice to me.
From stinky goodness to kitty cwack, and today she sneaked half
a fish fwom her pwate down to my mouth.
Though of course I had my cuteness to account for most of it.

And what follows a gweat meal of fishy niceness?
Nothing beats killing a piece of stwing!
Here's the stwing....
But why does mummy wike to sneak pictures of me when i kill it!
I do not wike to be sneaked upon!

And then afterwards, because I am such a handsome me, mummy expe
wimented with her new handphone camewa.
I must say, I was weally patient with mummy, seeing how nice she was to me today.

Here's me in negative.'s quite cool when you're a bwack and white being wike me.
Here's me in weal bwack and white.Here's me in sepia, with the fwash on.
And wet me tell u....I hate the fwash!
Mummy's pwevious phones are non-fwashy!
I pwefer them more!
Mummy seems to wike me in sepia a wot!Again in sepia.And another one, this time without the fwash.
That is better. Though I seem to have lost my eyes...
Final one in sepia!Ok! aren't I handsome?

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