Sunday, January 28, 2007

*innocent wook*
What? I didn't do anything!

Ok, that was a diversion for my mummy.
Now she's not nosing awound anymore, wet me tell you a secwet.
I hacked into mummy's cwedit card account!
This is on the way.
I'm weally kind, don't you think?
I spent the entire day figuwing how to hack into mummy's cwedit card account, just to get a surpwise for her!
And I didn't even get anything for myself!
Mummy should be so gwateful.

Don't tell mummy yet ok!


Anonymous said...

You ARE a clever one! Concatulations.

My mama is doing her links today, so we will link to your blog!


my comment will come up anonymous cause blogger won't let me use my blogger id on this comment

Spock said...

OH! How kewl!! I kant WAIT to see how her likes it! Wet us no if you am happy wiff it.