Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yes, I wake mummy up evewyday at 530am, but that is for the sake of my stinky goodness or fishy fweshness!
But Mummy is not awwowed to get out of bed after giving me my bweakfast! She's supposed to go wight back, and keep the bed warm, so I can go wight back into bed after my bweakfast!
Mummy??Where are you??Come wight back!I need you to snuggle in here with me!Darn...just me alone!


cow said...

my gosh.. what sexy paws you have! and what sexy neck you have! *swoons*

giRaffe said...

Oh of course...can't you see I mesmewise my mummy so much that she gives me fishy fweshness evewyday?

Spock said...

Hey Oweo!
I just stumbled upon here. Cool!
Do you know, I'm the same colours as you? (which is simpwy handsome isn't it?)
Hope your Momma's going to be feewing better weally soon.
Mewwy Chwistmas!

Deer Boy, I is so soory I is juss now gettin heer. We has been haffin lotsa prollems at mine house so I hasnt blogged much. I like yore blog fing & I will link to you furrst chance I get! Mewwy Christmas & happy New Yeer to you!

giRaffe said...

Oh dear..Hope evewythings' going to turn out fine over at your side, Oweo!

I gotten so excited now I know other kitties come to my bwog too!