Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is all the fuss?
I simpwy thwew up this morning, it's got nothing to do with the stinky goodness the night before or anything.
Now mummy's making a huge fuss that stinky goodness is not good for your woyal highness me, and she's considewing taking away the stinky goodness fwom my diet!
Not that I mind having fishy fweshness evewyday, but I wather mummy take away the biscuits and leave stinky goodness and fishy fweshness...
No, actuawwy, I wather mummy not take anything away.

Why all these fuss? Thwewing up is no big business! I was twying to see how far my pwojectile vomit could weach!

Give me back my stinky goodness...pwetty pwease...mummy.....

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