Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here's pictors of my cousins.
They may wook huge, but actuawwy they're all fur.
Do you know, both of them added up don't even weigh as much as handsome me!

Here's Koko (she's mummy of Dino)
Siwwy Dino doesn't know how to keep still for mummy and so all she gotted was clear pictors of her paws.
Maybe mummy's fwiend would like them? Though I think MY paws are the sexiest.
Here's finally, a rare pictor of Dino which is not too bwuwwy.
She keeps moving when mummy snaps!

I am tewwibwy excited today!
Do you know, now there are at weast 6 other kitties in the bwogging world who's dwopped their paws over here!


Anonymous said...

Very good looking! I heard about you through Oreo. I'm Beau of Beau's blog http://home.earthlink.net/~catbeau
We look a lot alike! Oreo and I are spreading the word about you for look for more comments soon! Take care and blessings!!

THE ZOO said...

Hi galatea, we hurd bowt yoo frum the blogosphere. ***waves***

Anonymous said...

Oh man.....
I am weally getting vewy excited!
the whole world is getting to know me!
**waves madly**