Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buy something and help da kitties!

If you've wead That Thing's bwog, you'll all know by now that mine Mummy's busy packing stuff and we've been busy snoopervising.And I also happen to know about That Thing posting mine pictors up on his bwog. Just wait til I get some embawassing pictors of That Thing and he shall see!
Ok, but now I'm going to set this feud aside and make an important announcement.

You see, mine Mummy is going to auction the stuff that she doesn't need anymore away.
And whatever marnies that we gets fwom them, we're going to donate it all to the Cat Welfare Society. Go check out mine Mummy's bwoggy for more details.


xy_meowie said...

hi boy, tell ur mummie that she can ask me anything abt selling online cos i sell stuff online. plus ebay charges for listing items so not very advisable for ur mummie to sell on ebay. she can try www.cute4ever.com.sg, cannla.com or chupr.com. nonetheless, non of these sites r really good. the best was yahoo auctions which unfortunately shut down business already. alternatively, boy, u can just ask ur mummie to list her items & pic their pics on her sales blog! :)

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Good luck with getting that stuff out there!

Nomi said...

Good job you are snooopervising Boy. You need to keep an eye on mummy and Oven.