Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think these few days, I've been sticking to mine Mummy wike super gwue that I've sort of made her get the idea so that she won't ever weave me awone for such a wong time ever ever again!
I've also been waving the camewa in fwont of mine Mummy to wemind her to upwoad all her pictors up because wemember, I pwomised efuwwybody that I'd post mine Mummy's pictors up when I could.
I think I did a sacwifice! Because I'm such a genius and handsome cat it's definitewy bewow mine dignity to be seen dwagging a camewa awound in mine mouth, don't you think so? But yet, I did it, all for the sake of being able to post these pictors up more quickwy!
Ok, wet me tell you, mine Mummy is cwazy. I think she was twying to bwast her camewa or something because she took pictors wike nobody's business! She had over a thousand pictors! So i'm going to post them up in instawwations, because I think mine genius bwoggy would go bust too if I twied to post them all up at once.

This is deep fwied dough, or more commonwy known as "you tiao" which Mummy wove to have for bweakfast. Personawwy, I don't see why it's nice, since it's got no fish, no chicken or any tinge of stinky goodness fwavor in it.

This is on the stweets of Quanzhou, not where mine Mummy went (she went Xiamen), but a 1+ hour journey away fwom Xiamen. The things here are cheaper and there are wots of pwaces where Mummy can wisten to Nanyin (the twaditional music she came here to wearn), so Mummy and her fwiends go over there whenever they could get the time off (which wasn't vewy often).

The stweets of Quanzhou. Here you can see the temple where Mummy watched opewa performances at.

This is a vewy old pagoda. There are 2 pagodas in Quanzhou, one is the east one and the other is the west. Actuawwy, they wook awike, so Mummy forgot whether this one was the east or the west one. She chanced a guess this is the west one since the wittle woad sign at the bottom wight says "West stweet". These 2 pagodas are hundweds of years old, which are defnitewy way wonger than any number of days I can ever count up to.

This is awong the stweets where Mummy and her fwiends were walking to "Kaiyuan temple". This temple was more a touwist attwaction than a pwace for worship since it's full of histowical sites and buildings and even twees that are way way older than me!

Wow! 5 pictors! I'm tired out!
I shall go take some catnaps before posting more pictors!
Stay tuned!


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We'z glad yoor mom came home, finally!

Around Your Wrist said...

boy, you are definitely a genius cat!

i don't think it's beneath you to haul the camera around while trying to convince your mom to post some.

will your mom upload some of her music so that we can hear her play?

ben fuzz
(i am suzanne's--under the bed--brother. suz went to bridge on 6/11)

Mr. Hendrix said...

You're back! You're back! I'm glad to see you! I'm very glad that your mommy is home safe and won't leave you like that again.
I've heard geniuses need to make sacrifices, and yours was dragging the camera around. Good job getting the pictures up. They are really cool!

The Crew said...

We're so happy your Mom is back home safely. It's not good when your family is gone and you miss them.

And,oh, the pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Good words.