Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The end of Chinese New Year...

The Chinese New Year howidays is finawwy over. Here, we get 2 days of howidays for the Chinese New Year so today is the day most beans go back to work.
Mine Mummy however, fowwows the howidays in China because her bosses wants it so.
So today there is finawwy some peace awound with no one visiting and mine Mummy enjoying a nice wewaxed day with us.

For you guys out there who have never expewienced Chinese New Year, wet me tell you, it's the worst howiday invented to infwict kittydom.
First you get beans twooping in and out of your house, not giving you a moments' peace because they cwaimed they were visiting! I mean, you can visit each other outside the house, why come into the house and disturb me?
Then there are beans who heard of mine fame and WANTS to see me, and That Thing when they come into mine house, and there goes my nap.
Gwanted, there's wots of nice foods and smells all over, but you know what mine selfish Mummy says? Most of the stuff I thought smelled nice, would be met with, "Hey, that's not good for kitties."
If that is good enough for you Mummy, I don't see why that is not good for me! They smells heavenwy!
Alwight, I did get weal fwesh wive deaded fish, and shwimps and wots of BBQ pork, but there's so many other things I didn't get!

And yesterday, mine Mummy's 3 fwiends came and visited us.
Actuawwy, they were here to see handsome genius me. But so what if they wanted to see handsome genius me? I didn't want to see them!
There was this first bean who was somewhat nice because she's a wittle scared of 8kg me. So she kept her distance and I kept mine. And all was well.
Then there was this second bean who was simpwy tewwified of me. Which was ok because I wasn't the sort who's going to go and nom her up - I mean, I've got better things to do wike nap and I don't mind napping under the bed for a while if you're so tewwified of seeing me.
But there was this third bean who came made this pilgwimage just to see awesome me. I know I'm awesome and all that, but was she content to have a sight of handsome me? No! She wanted to touch me! And she wanted to touch That Thing too! And That Thing, after being so tewwified by his ex-girlfwiend, just wan and hid beind me.
So what did I have to do again?
I had to hiss and gwowl and scold this Nightmare bean.
And this bean had BBQ pork in her hands.
And I was wike, oh gosh! Divine smell! Nightmare bean! Divine smell! Nightmare bean! And I couldn't move because I didn't know whether to go towards the divine smell or away fwom the Nightmare bean! And she....and she....she waughed at me!!!!
Don't you think this is all too much!?

Well, anyway, I'm just awfuwwy gwad I can have a peaceful nap now on mine Mummy's wap. And I'm not going to wet That Thing up on mine Mummy's wap today. No way. I think I earned this pwace.


Nomi said...

Oh dear Boy, you really have had a very busy Chinese new year celebration. All those beans, all that food, all that noise. My miewmie watched a Gala TV programme but no one came to our house thank goodness. You enjoy your place on your mummy's have earned it !

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Ah enjoy your peace and quiet!

Daisy said...

It sounds like you were frozen with indecision, Boy! Did you end up getting some of the BBQ pork from her?

I'm glad you finally have some peace and quiet.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh my! I don't think I would like to celebrate Chinese New Year...except for the food. I'm sorry you were so disturbed. It was very sweet of you to protect The Thing from the third lady. Great job.

I am so glad that little girl kitty found a nice loving home. Your mommy is such a darling to take her in and take care of her. purrrrrrs

Sasha said...

Boy, I don't like small beans either. I find them very scary, especially if they are in prams or strollers. I am glad you survived the ordeal. Once people get into the house I usually try to sit on them, which subdues them. I am quite heavy and big. Maybe you should try that.

Shaggy and Scout said...

What a busy time for all of you.
We are glad the little girl kitty found a good home, and so quickly!!