Saturday, January 24, 2009

the weason i'm upset...

See what this is?Mine Mummy went out for a jog this morning.
She usuawwy jogs all the way to where mine evil V-E-T is and back.
And if you guys wemember, on the way to the V-E-T, there's a wot of vegetation and no beans awound, and there are also BIG BAD woofies wunning wild there.
And while mine Mummy was jogging thwough there, this wittle thing came out and meowed at mine Mummy, and fowwowed her.
And mine Mummy petted her.
And when mine Mummy petted her, she found....goodness me....woofie bites on this wittle thing!
Bites in a wot of pwaces!
And this wittle thing is so thin one side of her tummy is wike sticking to the other side.
And mine Mummy knew she ought not weave this wittle thing there at the mercy of those woofies, especiawwy after wooking awound and weawising this wittle thing is all awone. No signs of her mama or any other bwothers or sisters.
And those bites need to be taken care of.
And it was just as well it was quite near the V-E-T.
So mine Mummy cawwied this wittle thing to the V-E-T and gotted her cweaned up.
The V-E-T cweaned up the wounds and thank goodness, found that they were mostwy superficial. And gave mine Mummy a huge bottle of antiseptic cweam.
Well, so far so good.
I do appwove of what mine Mummy did so far; I mean, I would have done the same, and I would have expected evewyone else to do the same.
That is...until...
mine Mummy decided to bwing this wittle thing....HOME!!!!
Arh...this is where the pwobwem wies.
I DO NOT appwove of this final part in what mine Mummy has done.
After all, it's MINE home too and she ought to have sought mine appwoval first!
I've alweady put up with That Thing for cwose to a year (did mine Mummy seek appwoval for That Thing? NO!) and I think I've been fairwy genewous! But one more wittle thing? NOOOO!!!!

So there! I am not at all happy today.
And what does That Thing think? He thinks mine Mummy speciawwy bwought a girlfwiend home for him! *snickers*

*PS fwom the Mummy: I'm looking for a real kind soul to adopt this little cutie pie since as you can see from my dear kitties' blogs, that I am away quite a lot, and I really don't think I'm going to have the time for another little one. And anyway, dear Boy is really unhappy about this whole arrangement and I don't want to traumatise him further. Although little 'Oven would probably be heartbroken for a while that I give his sweetheart away, he'll get over it very soon. And he'll be happy to know that his sweetheart is in a nice forever home.


Daisy said...

What a little cutie she is! It sounds like you rescued her just in time. I hope she finds a good Forever home soon!

LZ said...

Ugh, the girls are the WORST!! Though I have to say....having Kaze made Latte stop annoying me so much. It ended up being a happy thing for me. Your Mummy did a good thing taking care of the little darling and we hope you find her a great forever home!


Nomi said...

Don't worry Boy, your mummy will find a nice home for this little girl just as soon as she has recovered from her twaumatic start in life.

Anonymous said...

You lucky cat. Be nice to her!

Cliff & Olivia

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh she is lucky you took her home and are helping her find a permanent one!

Sasha said...

Boy, I don't think I would cope very well in this situation either. I hope your Mummy finds a nice home for this little kitten soon. How awful for her to be attacked by dogs. She must have been very frightened.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, what a sweet little girl. Your Mummy did a wonderful thing to rescue her from those doggies and bring her to the vet right away!!

Don't be too upset, Boy, hopefully your Mum finds a furever home very soon. This Little Thing deserves the best!!

Headbutts and (((hugs)))
~Karl & Ruis
(Yes, the Cat Realm cats are visiting us. :)

Anonymous said...

That was so very nice of your MOmmee!
Poor little girls, she was very lucky your Momma had a kind heart :)
We do hope that a nice person gives her a wonderful forever home :))


Kaz's Cats said...

Boy, that was very nice of your Mommie to resuce that poor little girl kitty. We hope the little kitty recovers from all those nasty bites, and gets used to living with people and other kitties. Please try to be nice to her, 'cos she's had a rough time. We're gonna purr that she finds a wonderful forever home,


Gypsy & Tasha

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

What a little cutie!! Your mom did a great thing, saving her life!!

Hope she finds a great forever home!

Purrs Goldie

Everycat said...

Boy your Mummy is a lovely person to rescue that little kitty who was injured. You be nice now and be a perfect host like 'Oven is - whilst your Mummy finds her a forever home.


(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Your mommy is very sweet to rescue that sweet little kitten. We hope she finds a wonderful forever home for her.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Boy ... You should be furry proud of your momma because she is sweet an' kind-hearted to bring the little kitty girlie home. Don't tease Oven too much 'bout his girlfurriend, either. That's not nice.

Christine and FAZ said...

Boy, your mummy is my hero. FAZ

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer boy,
furst i wanna say dat yer mommie izza grate an fabyoolus woman.
den i wanna say dat i miself hav had allotta trubbel wid introoderz (ie joba) an i feel yer pain.
nex i wanna say dat dis kitten, however, iz da mos byootiful kitten i hav ever seen in mi entire life.
finally i wanna say dat if yer mommie can't keep dat eksepshunallee byootiful kitten ... i hope she findz a grate home ... jus az grate az yerz fer it.
luv--yer frend--jh

Shaggy and Scout said...

She's adorable!!!!
How brave she must be to make herself known to your mommy and ask for help.
If your mommy finds a good forever home but if she falls too far in love with her you would all have each other for company when she is gone & it wouldn't be too bad.

Black Cat said...

Oh Boy, the Little Thing is so cute! She's had such a hard time, please don't be hard on her while she stays with you. I hope she finds a wonderful forever home soon! She recognised your Mummy as her saviour, and your Mummy responded in every perfect way to her plight, so I personally believe that she is meant to be part of your family. I know you're jealous and resentful, but I'm sure you could get over these. And if you could, when your Mummy has to go away, would your Cat Sitter mind feeding just one more kitteh? Just wondering... :) xxx

Mickey's Musings said...

Boy, I know you are not happy,but your Mom is trying to find a good home for the little kitty :)
Your Mom is so kind to rescue her and make sure she was OK!!
Besides, if she and Oven get along,he will not be bothering you!!!!
Purrs Mickey