Saturday, January 31, 2009

That Thing is an alcohowic...

After sending away that tewwor of a "girlfwiend", I would have thought I could have some peace.
Now do you guys know what That Thing did?

Some of mine Mummy's wewatives came over and had beers.
Beers. Are. For. Beans.
I'm sure all of you kittehs know that too.
And anyway, beers smell howwible. And taste even nastier.

That Thing, sniffed the beer.
And keeps twying to poke his nose into the cups.
And pushed and whined and attempted to stick his whole face in.
And mine Mummy had to push him away fwom evewyone's cups.
In the end, no one could put their cups down because the moment someone weft his cup unattended, That Thing would twy to stick his face in.
Do you think kittehs can get dwunk fwom sniffing too much beer?

Why does That Thing alway have to come up with things to turn my fur gwey?
Can someone help whap some sense into That Thing?


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Different cats have different tastes. They don't drink beer around here so I have never had it.

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Oven sounds like quite the party animal.

Sasha said...

You will need to supervise him closely Boy. He mustn't get into the habit of sniffing beer fumes.

Black Cat said...

Oh dear, a drunk That Thing, that must be a sight to see! I knew a pub cat once who liked beer. He would walk along the bar and lap beer from people's mugs when they were't looking! And a siamese cat who owned a friend of mine liked gin and tonic, brandy, advocaat, you name it. One night near Christmas we and some other friends were at their house and my friend's sister put her drink down. Next thing is, we hear "lap, lap, lap". She picked up her drink quickly, but it was too late. There was Boyzie (yes, that was his name!) trying to walk across the room. His eyes were totally crossed and he was walking with his paws crossing over too! His mum then helped him into the chair he was trying to reach, where he promptly fell asleep and snored very loudly for the rest of the evening!

Gosh, this more like a blog than a comment, sorry! :) xxx

meowster said...
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xy_meowie said...

boy, u r definitely the more sensible one then! :)