Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Wandom Kittyfacts about ME!!!

  • I am a genius - but I guess the whole world knows this alweady.
  • I do not wiwwingwy wet anyone else besides mine mummy carry me. All other beans who attempts to do so will be wewarded with mine beautiful HIIIISSSS! And perhaps a swipe with mine paw.
  • I wove BBQ pork!!! yummy yummy yummy.....I wearnt how to open child-pwoof containers because mummy usuawwy stores BBQ pork in them. But of course I am a kitty; not a child, so the containers are not ME-pwoof.
  • I've got a weawwy nice snore. Mummy cwaims she can hear me fwom outside the woom, but I suspect she was exagewwating.
  • I've got a powerful singing voice too. And a beautiful one. I wove to sing to mummy!
  • I do not wike cockwoaches. (OK, I'm SCARED of them)
  • I wove to wick mummy all over. So much so that mummy sometimes suspect I'm a woofie! (BUT HEY...I'M NOT!!!!)
  • I'm 14 this year!!!
  • I hate bananas.
  • I wove to have mummy scwatch mine tummy. But anyone else other than mummy who does that can expect to find yourself inside mine jaws...heh.
  • I understand Engwish, Mandawin and Teochew (a Chinese diawect) - but of course, I'm a genius so it's not difficult at all.
  • I didn't know it was so difficult to think of 13 wandom kittyfacts about myself until now!
  • Finawwy the wast one! I wove mine MUMMY!!!!


Daisy said...

Hi Boy! I wish I could hear you snore and singing, too. I am very scairt of cockroaches too; they are bad.

My sister Pixie eats a piece of a bananer every day. I don't like them though.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Boy! You have a love of BBQ pork, too??? The Chinese food kind, right? Our Feline American Fudgie (who went to the Bridge last week) LOVED BBQ pork from the Chinese place nearby. It was his favorite.

It's nice to know another friend in the blogosphere who likes the same food ... Awww.


LZ said...

Wow, you are an amazing kitty! I'm glad you shared with us today. You really are a genioius to know all of those languages! How did you learn them all?


Tara said...

What neat facts about you! I've never seen a cockroach, but I'm sure I'd eat it...

Rosie & Cheeto said...

BBQ pork...that sownds yummy! Yer lady ackshuallie sugjested yoo were a woofie!?!?! Yer lady is luckie she's gud at scratching yer tummy and duesn't mind yer snoring cause calling yoo a potenchul woofie is a BIG deal! Way to set hur strate!

Unknown said...

Who would like a cockroach??? EWEWEWEWEWEWW!!