Thursday, March 15, 2007

Next to boxes, and tissues and pwastic and paper bags, I wove stwings most.

See, here's the wightning fast kitty on the woose, kiwwing a stwing.
bite bite bite bite chew chew chew chew....
the wightning fast kitty has to make sure the stwing won't be awive to hurt mummy tonight.
YAY! Killed!
It's not easy work, being a cat.


Daisy said...

Boy, you are wightning, er lightning, fast! And very brave of you to kill the string so he won't get your Mommie!

I have a question for you, Boy. Where do you live? Are you from 'Merica? Just wondering...

Spock said...

Heyo oweo! Gwad to see you're back!
hooway for all the good news, good that your momma's knees are ok. And about that jimmie too though I donno, what is a jimmie? Can you eat it? Well, anyway, as wong as it makes your momma feel better.
Hoomans are weird aren't they?

Well, Jimmie am a race car driver so you can't eat him but Momma say her could eat him up so.......You can google him, Jimmie Johnson, & see for yoreself. :)

LZ said...

I LOVE string too!!! Its one of the best toys around. I always steal the string right off of the shopping bags. You're obviously a seasoned string hunter!


Boy said...

Nope Daisy, I'm not fwom 'Mewica.
Me's fwom the other side of the world! Singapore.
Mummy says you've to cwoss a huge piece of water to get fwom Singapore to 'Mewica. That sounds weawwy scawy!
I wonder if the water is as cold as the water I bathe with!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a cat's work is never done.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Nice job attacking the string! You are fast. :)