Saturday, March 10, 2007

mine fwiend...

Today's bwog entwy is dedicated to mine bestest fwiend, Mimi!
Although the name sounds otherwise, Mimi is definitewy a Big Man Cat!
Bwame it all on the Cow (Mimi's mummy) who had to give him such a name.
But well, names doesn't weawwy matter. What matters is that Mimi is mine bestest fwiend.
Anyway, I wove to have fun with Mimi, especiawwy when mummy and cow are not awound.
Although Mimi is a Big Man Cat, but I'm a genius cat and there are many things I had to teach Mimi.
Wike how to hack into his mummy's handphone and compoooter, how to go shopping with his mummy's cwedit card and how to call me on the phone and many many other things.
But although Mimi is a Big Man Cat, he's definitewy not a genius cat wike me, because until now, he still hasn't wearnt how to hack into his mummy's compoooter. Or his mummy's handphone. Or his mummy's cwedit card.
Which is why I had to help Mimi do his shopping with mine mummy's cwedit card!
An entire cowwection of Schubert's piano sonatas!
I hope Mimi wikes it.

Well, so there!
All about mine bestest fwiend, Mimi!
I weawwy hope Mimi gets to wead this post!


Victor Tabbycat said...

I hope Mimi reads it, too. It was good of you to help him get his Schubert! Isn't that a kind of ice cream? Mmmmm, I like ice cream.

Boy said...

Yup! I think it's ice cream. But they say it comes in a boxed set?
Does it mean it's a set of all the fwavours in the world? Then it must be a weawwy huge box!
I better teach Mimi not to finish evewything at one go because I did that once and mine stomach feels weawwy bad for a wong time!