Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mimi's sorbet, and mine book and mummy's weaf cd.

Here's me inspecting evewything to make sure it's all safe for mummy to open.
Here's me sniffing evewything out.
More sniffing.
And did I mention before?
When your packages awwive, act cute snoopervising awound.
So that mummy will forget to ask who it was who hacked into her cwedit card account and went on a shopping spwee.
Here are mine stuff!
And Mimi!
Did you know your sorbet isn't a kind of ice cweam after all?
I thought it's going to be a huge box of ice cweam and you would share them with me!



Anonymous said...

cut cat

Boy said...

LZ said...

Of course you have to supervise! The best part is probably the box itself. Your humans don't take it away quickly, do they? Mine do.


Anonymous said...

sorry there wasn't ice cream in it, but you did get the best thing of all - a great box! we love empty boxes, and that looks like a purrfect one.

Gemini said...

Oh congratulations on your package. Boxes are far more fun than ice cream, don't you think?