Saturday, March 3, 2007

I did it!!!
I tooked a pictor of mummy wearing her oweo hoodie!
OWEO!!! Did you see it?
Isn't it wooking just too cool for words?
Heh....mummy's camewa phone isn't too difficult to hack into after all. I did it! And mummy didn't even know I was sneaking pictors of her!
See, she's not even sitting pwoperwy.

And for you kitties out there who don't know yet, mine mummy's a moo-zick-tion.
She pways this instwument called the erhu (mummy calls it her oldmoon) for a wiving and she teaches as well.
And the thing mummy is holding on to while I sneaked this pictor of her...yep, it's her oldmoon.
Honestwy, I weawwy don't wike the oldmoon.
It makes noises and I cannot eat it or even pway with it! It's no fun at all!
Shhh....don't tell mummy that!


Daisy said...

Yer Mommie looks great in that sweatshirt!

Also, congratulations on being Kat's Cat of the Day yesterday. I did not realize how beautiful yer markings were until I saw that picture.

Spock said...

HEHEHE!! It do look gud!! I is glad her likes it & I is glad you gotted a pictor wiffout her noin it!! :)

Tara said...

That is very cool!

My mom plays irish fiddle. She gets paid sometimes (like arount St. Pats), but certainly doesn't make a living at it!