Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ok, I'm turning mine bwoggie PINK here for mine fwiend Wiwwy Wu.
She's feewing fuwwy unwell now so do send her wots of purrs.
Her Mama thinks it may be because of all the wecalled food they've had pwobwems with over there. I think the beans who make the stinky goodness are mean! They should have eated some themselves and if they never fall sick, then they can start selling the food. Don't you think so?
Well anyway, wots of purrs for Wiwwy Wu and hope she gets well fuwwy soon!


Around Your Wrist said...

hi boy...i'm glad you made your comment on tara's blog to help raise money for lilly lu. i'm purring hard, and feeling kind of sad.

it's too bad that your mummy didn't let you open the piano with the big paw. it looks like you would have totally successful!


Daisy said...

Boy, you have a good idea. They should have human testers for all cat foods, just to make sure it is safe.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Boy-

Humans can be horrible. I don't trust many of them, personally speaking.

Good luck with the piano practice!

Tara said...

Its so sad we can't trust the pet food companies any more...
Thanks for the comment for Lilly Lu.