Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok, one post without mine handsome pictor.
I've decided I shall come down fwom the piano for a while and help mine mummy do a wittle advertising.

Mine mummy has this gwoup of weawwy BIG-hearted Vietnamese fwiends. And one of them spends ALL her time (so much so that mummy wonders if she sleeps at all) helping the not-so-fortunate childwen in Vietnam. Mummy used to go with these gwoup of nice beans to an orphanage and bwing all sorts of stuff for the wittle beans there.
Well, now this nice bean has another pwoject going on.

You see, although many parts of Vietnam are alweady devewoping vewy fast, there are still parts of it which are extwemely poor. And in these vewy poor parts of Vietnam, many of the wittle beans can't even have enough to fill their tummies, not to say wearn to wead and wwite.
And without ever wearning how to wead and wwite, it will take a vewy wong time for them, even after they gwow up, to impwove their circumstances.
So Mummy's fwiend is twying to find sponsors to help these poor wittle beans go to school, and stay in school.
You see, sometimes they may be so poor that even with fwee schoowing, their famiwies might want them to stay away fwom school because they could then help with earning money wather than spend so much time in fwont of books. They may earn enough to feed the famiwy at this point in time, but in the wong wun, this is definitewy not going to help them.

So, Mummy says it costs 100USD to sponsor one wittle bean and if there are any kind souls out there wiwwing to help them?
If 100USD is too much, Mummy's fwiend says you can just donate whatever amount feels ok and she'll pool the money together. Then more than one bean may sponsor one wittle bean.

So any guys out there want to help?

OK, end of advertisment for mine Mummy.


Daisy said...

That is a very great thing your Mummy's friend is doing! We have a special girl that we have sponsored for several years. She lives in Mozambique! And her name is Mequelina. I love her a lot. We get to write letters to each other. And sometimes I send her a picture of me!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer boy,
dis iz sumthin mi mom would like to do ... but she has to wait to get da paycheck again ... az dis last one iz completelee spent. ask yer mom to giv mi mom sum time an she will do wut she can!
thank u!
luv--yer frend--jh

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

How does one donate, Boy?

This sounds like a very worthy cause.